1MORE Unveils Cutting-Edge Bluetooth Headphones at CES 2024

Experience Revolutionary Sound Quality with 1MORE’s Latest Innovations

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — 1MORE, a global leader in professional audio technology, is proud to announce its participation in the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where it will unveil its newest and most innovative Bluetooth headphone technology. The entire product range will be displayed at the Pepcom media event in Las Vegas, just ahead of CES. 1MORE will highlight the popular S50 and S30 models and unveil its highly anticipated new products for 2024.

1MORE CES 2024

Earlier in September, 1MORE launched the S50 and S30 open-fit headphones, receiving widespread consumer acclaim. Gary Xie, founder and chairman of 1MORE, highlights the company’s focus on sound quality, a notable challenge in open-fit headphones. The S50 model features an advanced Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Diaphragm, paired with the ‘1MORE PurePower Driver’, enhancing the magnetic driving force by over 40% and ensuring a robust and immersive audio experience.

Despite its recent foray into the open-fit headphone market, 1MORE has quickly earned acclaim for its product performance. This success stems from the company’s continuous investment in technological innovation, underpinned by its possession of 9 acoustic laboratories and over 330 authorized patents, including 39 U.S. patents.

Steven Li, Partner and CEO of 1MORE, anticipates a transformative future for open-fit headphones, emphasizing the integration of product intelligence, targeted market segmentation, and brand consolidation. Steven foresees the “Artificial Intellectualization” of consumer electronics as analogous to the smartphone revolution, predicting a pivotal role for AI in elevating user interaction through voice-activated services, such as real-time consulting. He also underscores the importance of specialized products tailored to unique fitness activities, which will be critical for brands to lead in a market moving towards segmentation. Furthermore, he envisions a market trend toward brand dominance, where professional and technical prowess will be paramount.

Looking to the future, 1MORE remains committed to its core values, advancing innovation in acoustic technology, and striving to provide users with superior, intelligent, and comfortable products and services.


1MORE specializes in acoustic design and development, smart software, and wearable audio products. Born with a profound mission to deliver superior audio quality at consumer-friendly prices. Additionally, 1MORE’s products have received multiple industry and design awards including prestigious CES Innovation awards, RedDot, iF Design awards and other major industry accolades.