17Sing united campus to hold “Singing for Summer” activity, helping universities to upgrade, realizing students’ singing dreams

TAIPEI, June 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Taiwan’s well-known karaoke social app 17sing joined forces with six universities in Taiwan (Kun Shan University of Science and Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology of Science, Chinese Culture University, and Tainan University of Technology of Applied Science and Technology, etc.) to hold a campus competition called “Singing for Summer”. The event starts on May 25th and runs until June 29th. During the event, the students were lively, and the students competed to participate, showing their youthful vigor and musical talent. The process of the event attracted much attention. Students from different universities recorded and uploaded their own music through 17sing. After voting, the top-ranked students will receive generous rewards: 20,000 NT$ in cash, exclusive opportunities to sign on the 17sing platform, the opportunity to be in the same stage with celebrities, trophies and certificates, etc.

During the event, 17sing also held promotional activities offline. The exquisite posters and exciting games in the event made the audience shocked and moved. At the same time, this activity also attracted many Internet celebrities who are also students to join, they signed up enthusiastically, showed their singing voice, and send it to their channels. Many students said: “I’m grateful that 17sing can give us such a good opportunity to show ourselves on a bigger stage. This will become an important beginning for our music path. We will work hard to realize our own music dream!”

17sing official stated, “We have been committed to providing better after-school life for the majority of young people, especially college students. This time, we jointly hold campus singing activities with universities to show more musically talented students. This is just the beginning, in the future, we will continue to increase investment in college market, hold more campus activities, discover more outstanding new musicians, and help them achieve dreams.” The leaders of the universities also expressed that they welcome 17sing to hold more such campus activities in the future. This not only enriches the students’ after-school life, but also is beneficial to the comprehensive development of students. In the future, 17sing will continue to increase investment in the college market, hold more online and offline activities on campus, serve the majority of college students, and allow more college students to open up new ways of social interaction and cultural experience in their spare time.

This activity provided opportunities for college students to show themselves, and the dreams of the award-winning students came true. 17sing sponsored the school industry and education funds of 6 universities, which not only enriched the after-school entertainment life of college students, but also played a very good role in promoting the cultural atmosphere on university campus. The event was a complete success. 17sing will continue to support the college market and hold more campus activities.

The “Singing for Summer” activity have also accumulated valuable market experience for 17sing. It has built a interactive bridge with the college students by sponsoring universities and students, which will definitely have a positive impact on the market share in 17sing. This joint campus event with colleges not only allows more college students to experience the unique social interaction way and new experience of after-school entertainment in 17sing, but also enables more college students to settle in and become 17sing loyal users. In the future, 17sing will continuously increase the penetration rate and influence in the college market.

“About 17sing”

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