17Sing APP launches brand upgrade projects

In the summer vacation of 2023, advance to the campus to create new singing stars

TAIPEI, April 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Helping the new generations to pursue their dream, create a music social interaction platform” In the 9th year since its launch in Taiwan, 17Sing APP’s original intention and brand philosophy of continuous iteration have been affirmed. The overall user registration volume has exceeded 30 million, covering many Chinese-speaking regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore. Countless young people in the Chinese language are fond of singing Karaoke and socializing and have contributed countless exquisite, interesting, and high-quality Karaoke songs. In order to promote more singers’ dreams in Taiwan, 17Sing APP will launch a new brand upgrade project this year, and announce its entry into the campus market, so as to discover more young stars and help them “be seen”.

17Sing APP, one of the most popular professional entertainment social platforms in Taiwan, is an indispensable entertainment platform for young people. The launch of the new ambassador Aaron Yan in 2023 is an important milestone in the diversified development of the 17Sing APP brand and the first stage of brand upgrading. It will not only comprehensively enhance brand awareness and influence, but also allow 17Sing APP to expand the user bases and increase user stickiness, enhancing market competitiveness. In the second stage of brand upgrading, 17Sing APP announced that it will officially enter the campus market, and will allocate a large number of resources to universities and colleges, dig out real campus stars with rich and diverse activities, and provide more exposure opportunities and performance stages.

Zhang Pengwei, business and marketing director of 17Sing APP, said: “Now is the era of owned media, young people can actually be seen on major platforms through their talents. As a platform, we hope not only to promote that we are the first choice for mobile Karaoke, but also hope that while having a large number of users, we can directly help young people with good voices and talents, offers our resources and exposure opportunities in all media, and then achieve the possibility of “be seen”. This is the reason why we are going to run the brand upgrade projects “

In the past, 17Sing APP sponsored “Jungle Voice 3” which is Taiwan’s music talent show, and jointly held the “Super Star Voice” singer contest. It is very popular among young people in Taiwan who love singing through unique competition systems and generous rewards. It not only provides topics for discussion but also builds a bridge for them to show their talents and accumulate stage experience step by step to prepare for a bigger stage. In recent years, 17Sing APP has also continued to upgrade its operation method and marketing plan and still working on the user-centered and content-centric mode through the unique operation mode of “entertainment + social networking”, it creates an online entertainment karaoke scene and brings users a better experience. 17sing App cooperates with different brands and media to create more entertaining and interesting singing events. 17Sing APP is Looking forward to meeting with the university and college students from all over Taiwan and working together to create an entertainment and social platform that truly belongs to young people.

“About 17Sing APP”

“Your Mobile Singing APP!”, 17Sing APP is a young and trendy mobile karaoke mobile software. Users can experience the fun of karaoke, even if they only have a mobile phone and an earphone, they can shine brightly in singing a karaoke song. Do you want to come to 17Sing APP to make friends through your interests and become a social celebrity? You can now visit 17Sing’s Facebook fan page to learn more information and download to experience it from 17Sing’s official website www.17sing.tw, and you can sing various genres of music for free and watch live stream performances. Download now and embark on the journey of making friends with Karaoke!