17Sing APP Karaoke entertainment is upgraded again

Adopting intelligent systems to create a crossover multi-music social platform

TAIPEI, April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 17Sing App is an online karaoke social software.It has been launched in Taiwan for 9 years, providing users with a high-quality karaoke experience and rich music social functions, and is well-liked by young people in Chinese-speaking regions. As a karaoke software with a unique operation pattern of “entertainment + social”, 17Sing APP has always been user-centered and constantly innovated to provide a better and more interesting entertainment experience for young people. The app will continue to uphold the concept of “helping the new generations to pursue their dream, create a music social interaction platform” to bring more surprises and fun to users.

In the future, the focus of 17Sing APP will be to continuously strengthen the brand image, expand the user groups, and increase user activity and popularity. In order to do so, 17Sing App will continue to develop new functions and games, introduce more interesting functions and events, and expand cooperation with different brands/media to increase brand awareness and influence. For example, we sponsored the popular Taiwanese variety show “King of Sound”, held the offline event called “Tidal Wave Music Festival”, and launched the “17Sing Super Star Group” singer competition. The cooperation with famous artist Aaron Yan is the first step to upgrade the brand of 17Sing App. At the same time, we will further expand overseas markets and globalize our presence to provide high-quality entertainment and social experiences to more young people in the Chinese-speaking regions.

In addition, 17Sing APP will continue to deepen the entertainment and social field, expand the cooperation with music, social, games and other entertainment fields to create a more diversified entertainment environment. First of all, in the field of music, 17Sing APP will continue to provide users with a high-quality Karaoke experience. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, we will use big data algorithm to collect and record each user’s preferred songs, gradually improve the intelligent recommendation function, accurately recommend your favorite songs, and help improve singing skills. At the same time, the app will continue to improve the sound technology and sound quality effect, provide a variety of “intelligent sound” at your disposal to help complete better works, so that users feel a more realistic music experience in the process of karaoke. In addition, the app will continue to develop new Karaoke games and social functions to bring more interesting experiences to users.

At the same time, in addition to the new spokesperson Aaron Yan, the app will also actively cooperate with famous artists in the music industry. For example, in the “K Song Festival”, the app invited three famous singers, Linda Lee, Claire Kuo and Li Zhi-Ting, to the “K Song Room” to sing and communication, providing users with more music-related activities, enriching the fun of K songs and socializing. At the same time, 17Sing holds all kinds of singing competitions, and this time, the “17Sing Super Star Group” singer competition, which is jointly called with the brand spokesperson- Aaron Yan provide a unique competition system and generous rewards, attracting young musicians with music dreams to participate, discovering more powerful singers and providing them a ticket to show their talents and achive their dreams. It helps more musicians to accumulate stage experience step by step and prepare for a bigger stage.

“About 17Sing”

17Sing App upholds the concept of “helping the new generations to pursue their dream, create a music social interaction platform”, we continue to provide users with a quality user experience and are committed to allowing all music enthusiasts to show their talent on the platform. As the most popular online karaoke software in Taiwan, 17Sing App insists on putting users’ needs as the primary consideration and keeps innovating and upgrading its functions to provide the best karaoke experience. Through the slogan of “Your Mobile Singing APP!”, the app encourages users to enjoy the fun of karaoke anytime and anywhere, and through the “singing social community “, it gathers music fans from all over Taiwan, providing a platform for music communication, entertainment and realization of dreams. The app hopes that users can show their musical talents on this platform and provide them with full support and encouragement to realize their musical dreams.