17sing app and LE BLE D’OR collabrate to hold a “post-pandemic party”

More than 10,000 people responded, Have fun together online and offline!

TAIPEI, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since the epidemic in 2020, the use of APP has gradually expanded, from general social needs to various online interactive entertainment, and people have become more and more accustomed to the various entertainment functions provided by APP. Recently, Taiwan has gradually lifted the lockdown. To celebrate the relief of the epidemic, the online music social platform 17sing APP and the well-known catering brand LE BLE D’OR jointly held the “Halloween Party”. Combining the offline carnival scene and the online immersive experience, a new party entertainment mode has been created, attracting more than 10,000 people to participate in the grand event.

On the occasion of Halloween, 17sing APP and LE BLE D’OR have teamed up to create a Halloween “Halloween Party” by combining beer, food, music, entertainment, and other elements. A large-scale drag party, offering unlimited beer drinking, a selection of ghost kings and queens, and other exciting activities will be held offline at LE BLE D’OR Taipei Miramar Store and Taichung Municipal Store. Online, some related party-themed areas have been set up on the 17sing APP. In addition, launching  the online event “Light Up the Jack-o-lantern”, which allows users to exchange online tickets for the LE BLE D’OR Halloween Party. We also have an exclusive live broadcasting room for the users who cannot be present, they could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the party scene online. At the same time, to enrich the overall activities, 17sing APP specially invited well-known hosts Yun Fei and Bonnie to serve as offline party hosts, and also invited popular singers in 17sing APP: Peter, the lead singer of the Wandering Box Band, and WUJI, the rap BeatBox champion to perform. At that time, they will use trendy hip-hop music throughout the whole event.

The new entertainment model combines online and offline experience. Hailee, CEO of 17sing APP said, “It is common in the post-epidemic era for thousands of people to respond, but no one was present. Although, the epidemic situation has leveled off, travel policies are gradually being relaxed.  However, over the past two years, people have become accustomed to using apps for entertainment activities, and online and offline brand partnerships will continue to be an important mode of entertainment in the future. Not only does it lift the restrictions of offline venues, but also opens up mutual sources of customers and brings more business opportunities. We are very happy to collerbrate with LE BLE D’OR bistro, the brand concept  ‘Born for Happy gathering’ is in line with the kind of music community we want to build, and we look forward to exploring more opportunities for cooperation in the future.”

The online exclusive immersive experience lives broadcast room opened by the 17sing APP, and also specially invited four 17sing anchors Amis, Peter, Zhan, and Ruoyan to the dance site for a 2-hour live broadcast. Many LE BLE D’OR Wine combinations were sent through three online interactive mini-games, such as “Heart Rhinoceros”, “Dance Floor Competition” and “Popular Interaction”. Get gifts, and witness the mysterious luxury and wonderful performances of the dance even if you were not on the spot. Really realize the immersive party of thousands of people at home, and you can sing and have fun online!

“Your mobile singing app, 17Sing APP”, 17Sing APPand bistro LE BLE D’OR held the Halloween party together on the 29th of October 2022, To help the younger generations to pursue their singing dreams, 17 Sing app continues to focus on building a better interested based social app. Since the launch of the 8.0 version, features such as “live streaming” and “music community” are of interest to Generation Z to enhance communication between users. Additionally, users can practice singing in the app, not only through “AI scoring” to adjust their voice and improve their singing skills. The app can also collect popular songs for users through big data, and recommend accurate karaoke song lists for users based on their karaoke habits. For more information about 17 Sing, visit its official Facebook fan page. You can also download the experience from the official website of 17 Sing to communicate with users in depth and sing together. Download the song now and start the karaoke immersion trip without leaving home!