17Sing APP 2022 Kara Planet Annual Ceremony Successfully Concluded Freya Lim, Ariel Tsai, Anna Lee take turns to perform

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TAIPEI, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the evening of December 31, 2022, the “2022 17Sing APP Kara Planet Annual Ceremony”, which has attracted much attention from 17Sing APP users, officially came to an end in Dspace. The event site was full of celebrities. In addition to inviting a love song singer, Lin Fan, as the ambassador of the ceremony, the new generation singer Cai Peixuan and the outstanding singers of 17Sing APP kols were also specially invited to perform, and awards were given to the volunteer team of 17Sing APP and the winners of the major activities of the ceremony. Awards, to witness the annual glorious moment of 17Sing APP in Taiwan’s online karaoke industry.

The 2022 17Sing APP Kara Annual Ceremony lasted for two months, and related events such as “Annual Ceremony 15% Stored Value Rebate”, “Year-end Gala KaraSoul World Tour Concert”, “Record King of the 17Sing APP Annual Ceremony” and so on. Tens of thousands of fans participated in more than ten activities, among which 21 contestants stood out and won the coronation honor. At the same time, ten volunteers from 17Sing service team were crowned and awarded at the gala, and won the title of “17Sing Best Service Team”. To thank the volunteers for their hard work for a year, the official 17Sing APP will present them with exquisite customized medals at the party to express their attention and keep them as a commemoration.

The annual grand ceremony was star-studded, and the light dance show full of scientific and technological elements was brought by the Tourmaline Performance Art Troupe, which opened the festivities. Then Anna Lee, the host and all-round artist of the event, brought a new song suite performance, among which the well-known singers in 17Sing APP also took turns to perform; the finale was the invitation guest – New Generation Singer Cai Peixuan and Annual Ceremony Ambassador – Healing Love Singer Lin Fan. The rich and wonderful performance also allowed users of 17Sing APP to have a wonderful and unforgettable year-end feast on the last day of 2022.

To achieve the goal of online and offline carnivals, in addition to the carefully crafted check-in game at the ceremony, 17Sing APP also uses the “Personalized Mall”, “Karaoke station”, “Template Street”, “Live Room”, “Photographing Logo”, “Looking for KaraSoul” “These six check-in tasks not only allow you to experience the joy of singing and karaoke, but you can also get a chance to draw for every three check-in tasks you complete, and you can win KaraSoul dolls, Bluetooth speakers, fisherman hats, microphones, etc. Exquisite custom peripherals and cash, iphone14 awards. When the offline party is going on, 17Sing APP Karaoke Room: 999 is also live to broadcast simultaneously, providing users who cannot reach the scene with a unique experience of participating in a gathering of thousands of people without leaving home. The 17Sing APP also attracted and retained countless K song lovers with its comfortable live broadcast experience and wonderful song and dance performances.

“You can use the 17Sing APP when you sing on your mobile phone”, 17Sing APP adheres to the brand concept of “creating dreams for new voice generations and creating a music social platform”. In 2022, through innovative functions, optimized gameplay, and cultivating new stars, 17Sing APP has successfully penetrated the young singing user group, making Taiwanese young people familiar with and falling in love with 17Sing APP. The “community circle” function created to meet the social needs of users provides a good sharing and communication environment for young people with musical dreams. More and more singing lovers grow and even become famous here, step by step towards a more big stage. Now click on the 17Sing APP official website to download and experience it immediately. For more information about the 17Sing APP, please follow the 17Sing official Facebook account.