16 Major Banks Gathered at Edianyun – Building Momentum in China’s IT Remanufacturing

BEIJING, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Edianyun Syndicated Loan Meeting was successfully held. Sixteen major banks in China, including Xiamen International Bank and Bank of East Asia, attended the meeting under the leadership of Fubon Bank. Ji Pengcheng, Founder and CEO of Edianyun, Zhang Bin, Co-founder and COO of Edianyun, and Ma Xiliang, President of Fubon Bank Beijing Branch, were present.

Fubon Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and the second largest financial holding company in Taiwan, with a total asset of RMB 2,418.3 billion.

“I have been looking forward to this event and hope to continue the friendly cooperation with other banks on the project of Edianyun. Edianyun is a pioneer that spurs the development of China’s enterprise office IT industry, something that’s recognized both home and abroad and drives us to lead the syndicated meeting,”said Ma Xiliang.

“Strategically, Edianyun mainly targets SMEs, which are over 1.5 million and continue to grow in China. SMEs face more severe IT challenges than large enterprises as they are short of money and professional IT teams and have a tough time in digital transformation and upgrading.” Ji Pengcheng added, “Edianyun offers stable, high-quality IT services to help SMEs promote efficiency, digital transformation and upgrading, and competitiveness at lowers costs. In return, such SMEs help Edianyun develop a business model featuring growth and profitability. In the future, we are committed to providing enterprises with effortless access to our services.”

As Zhang Bin said, “What distinguishes Edianyun from others is its ability to attract customers with lower costs and retain them with convenient services. I recently met an old customer who told me that his company has been using Edianyun service since 2015 without any change even though the company’s development direction has changed five times.”

Edianyun has more than 40,000 paying customers and 1.1 million devices in service. In 2022, the company maintained over 90% customer retention thanks to its constantly upgrading digital technology.

Edianyun’s manufacturing and service system takes each product and service to the lowest level, thereby standardizing manufacturing and services.

In the case of computer screen damage, instead of being discarded, the computer’s backlight and backlit paper will undergo digital detection separately to identify the exact problem, which is then specifically addressed. For example, if the backlit paper is found to be yellow, it will be replaced. Remanufacturing technology extends computer life from 3 to 5 years up to 7 to 10 years and cuts carbon emissions by 50,000 tons per year while effectively meeting customer needs.

The Xuanji system, independently developed by Edianyun, can flexibly dispatch more than 3,000 engineers nationwide to deliver door-to-door on-site service within two hours. In addition, Edianyun continues to improve its service efficiency and capability and is now promoting the regional grid-based service on a trial basis to reform its original service model and offer exclusive “fully managed” IT services to enterprises.

The closed-loop system Case independently developed by Edianyun supports the whole-process and real-time monitoring, warning and verification of every customer’s demand and hits every tiny problem “to the core.”

Such technologies equip Edianyun with the competitiveness that outperforms exclusive equipment reselling companies, enabling it to provide high-quality products and services at low costs that ultimately benefit customers.

“Edianyun focuses on services and solutions to SMEs and gains insights into the IT industry, SMEs and the business itself in the promising SME office IT market. It’s compellingly attractive for investors,” said Ma Xiliang said.

As we advance, Edianyun will deepen its cooperation with major banks to jointly explore the broad office IT market, truly help SMEs, and boost China’s office IT industry!