135th Canton Fair Showcases Advanced Construction Machinery, Boosting Global Engineering Innovation

GUANGZHOU, China, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At Phase 1 of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”), enthusiasm among global buyers continues to soar as they explore cutting-edge construction machinery displayed by about 200 exhibitors in this section. This event marks a significant leap in engineering and construction innovation worldwide, with Chinese construction equipment’s “soft” technology and “hard” manufacturing seeing rapid development and innovation.

In the spotlight at the Fair, Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. stands out with its introduction of a new generation of technological innovation products designed for warehouse logistics applications – the X Series Pallet Truck/Pallet Stacker with Lithium Power. This product features advanced permanent magnet synchronous drive system, offering superior performance, comfort in operation, safety, reliability, and low maintenance costs, making it an ideal solution for supermarkets, workshops, and home storage handling.

China National United Equipment Group Int’l Eng. Corp., a leading enterprise in China’s machinery field committed to excellence in R&D as well as production, is presenting comprehensive solutions covering electric wire and cable machinery, building material machinery, and chemical machinery among others. Their latest product showcased at the Fair is YLGD2004 Can Filling & Sealing Machine – an automatic integrated device employing the electronic valve with flow meter filling technology, unmanned operation capability, and modular design, simplifying production processes for users.

Fujian Qunfeng Machinery Co., LTD., represents continuous innovation in China’s manufacturing industry with its ever-evolving and integrated technology, as well as state-of-the-art production machinery like CNC processing centers and fully-automated heat treatment equipment. It brings light to its Fully Automatic Terrazzo Tile Machine, developed and optimized from Italian technology, featuring high efficiency stable structure, fully automated operational process, capable of producing various brick types and patterns, meeting diverse user demands ensuring reliable production experiences.

The 135th Canton Fair continues to unveil numerous high-quality and forefront products awaiting discovery by global buyers, further cementing its role as a pivotal platform for international trade and industrial advancement. Please register at https://invitation.cantonfair.org.cn/BuyerUser/RegisterUser?MediaType=16 for potential sourcing opportunities.