133rd Canton Fair Sum-up: Oriental Yuhong’s Harvest

BEIJING, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 5, 2023 (Beijing time), the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) came to an end. After three years of waiting, traders gathered in full bloom again, with buyers from 229 countries and regions participating in the Canton Fair.

Oriental Yuhong (SZ 002271) followed the Beijing Trade Mission to join the grand event. With the theme of “Building Nationally, Growing Globally”, it made an eye-catching appearance at Hall 9.3, Area B, attracting many overseas buyers.

Oriental Yuhong

After gaining a domestic foothold, Oriental Yuhong has gradually developed overseas markets. As the company’s globalization strategy progresses, Oriental Yuhong has spread its reach to 136 countries and regions, constructing various overseas projects such as railroads, highways, industrial parks, and public infrastructure. In addition to accumulating a good reputation, the company accelerates the internationalization of Chinese brands through its professional strength. Oriental Yuhong exhibited at the Canton Fair to showcase its quality products, technology, and comprehensive strength. In addition, it aimed to establish interaction with global customers and promote the rapid development of its international business.

On April 15, Ding Yong, Director of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, and Zhao Qizhou, Director of the Beijing International Trade in Services Center, led an inspection team to visit Oriental Yuhong’s booth. They learned about Oriental Yuhong’s participation, the exhibits’ advantages and application scenarios over the years. They encouraged Oriental Yuhong to seize opportunities, utilize the Canton Fair platform, win more orders, seek new opportunities, and explore the international market.

During the exhibition, Oriental Yuhong received visitors from 20 countries and regions, including Dubai, Armenia, the Philippines, the United States, Pakistan, Canada, Nepal, Lebanon, Mongolia, and Vietnam. Combined with on-site mock-ups, it gave in-depth elaboration on its development concept of “building materials system solution service provider” for global buyers, fully demonstrating its fruitful achievements in the process of high-quality development.

To accelerate the online and offline integration, Oriental Yuhong cooperated with Made-in-China.com for the first time to jointly carry out live-streaming reporting, presenting itself to more online audiences.

As globalization deepens, Oriental Yuhong has continuously innovated and cultivated development momentum. It empowers building material technology and segmented solutions with professional strength. It keeps perfecting its software and hardware strength, and core competitive advantage. It wholeheartedly provides more professional, people-oriented, and more efficient service support and guarantee for overseas customers and engineering projects with faster response speed and more efficient quality and services.