12th DBN Science and Technology Award Ceremony to Further Broaden the Vision of Agricultural Innovation

BEIJING, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Beijing Dabeinong Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (“DBN”), an agricultural high-tech enterprise, will host 12th DBN Science and Technology Award ceremony (“the Ceremony”) in Beijing on June 28, which is going to simultaneously livestream with around 100 parallel sessions to global audiences through Global Agricultural Technology Innovation Platform (GAIN).

Industries around the world are undergoing a digital transformation, and agriculture is no exception. As innovation leads to new breakthroughs, agriculture is being reshaped, raising the need for international cooperation on the future of agricultural development and policy.

It is in this spirit that DBN is hosting the Ceremony, which will bring together 1 million participants online from around the world, including agricultural scientists and representatives of leading scientific research organizations. Keynote speakers include Prof. Oene Oenema, Dr. Hartmut Michel, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Muhammad Yunus, Nobel laureate in Peace, Qian qian, Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the 12th DBN Science and Technology Award & Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qiao Shiyan, Vice Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the 12th DBN Science and Technology Award & Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of China Agricultural University, Ms. Julie-Anne Nichols,  Queensland Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner and Head Greater China, along with Shao Genhuo, Chairman of DBN, and Dr. Song Weiping, CEO of DBN, whom will deliver an opening remarks and wrap up the keynote sessions of the  event.

Dabeinong Science and Technology Award (DNB Award) is an enterprise award approved by the Ministry of science and technology of China. During past 23 years, the previous 11 DNB Awards received 2804 applied projects with a total amount of 38.91 million yuan. 409 experts (including 16 academicians) won the DBN Award. The 12th Dabeinong Science and Technology Award has a total bonus of 10million yuan. There are 65 award-winning projects, including 3 special prize projects, 13 first prize projects, 18 second prize projects and 31 Innovation Award projects. The award ceremony will be presented by three winners of the special prize for reports.

“The Ceremony is a whole new approach, as we elevate the scope of our exchange and communications to a whole new level,” says Dr. Song Weiping, the CEO of DBN Group. “We hope that this platform can serve as a foundation for international cooperation in the field of agricultural science and technology, breaking down the barriers to collaboration and innovation.”

Driven by a global outlook, DBN has established partnerships with world-leading institutions. In crop biotechnology, it has partnered with Performance Plants Inc., Stain, Evogene, Doriane, and Bioceres. In breeding technology, it has partnered with North Carolina State University, the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement, AGH, and the University of Nottingham.

For more information about the winner and the DBN Science and Technology Award, please visit Global Agricultural Technology Innovation Platform (GAIN).