Australian blockchain financial company DigitalX Limited said Tuesday that it will launch spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

In a statement, DigitalX announced the successful approval of its DigitalX spot Bitcoin ETF for quotation on the ASX.

The DigitalX spot Bitcoin ETF, when quoted, will be one of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs quoted on the ASX.

The ETF has been established by DigitalX in partnership with K2 Assessment Management (KAM) acting as the Responsible Entity and 3iQ, a global digital asset investment company.

The DigitalX Bitcoin ETF will operate under the ASX ticker BTXX, and provide a simple, liquid and regulated structure for investors to gain exposure to the emerging digital asset sector without the requirement to hold a digital wallet.

DigitalX is working with ASX-listed K2 Asset Management (ASXKAM) (K2) to act as the responsible entity and issuer for the ETF, leveraging their many years of experience in operating ASX-listed ETFs, compliance systems and Australian financial services license requirements.

DigitalX and 3iQ will work together to promote and distribute the ETF in Australia and internationally.

It is noted that 3iQ is a global leader in digital asset investment with a global track record of managing and distributing digital asset ETFs.

The ETF will be admitted to quotation and commence trading on this Friday (July 12).

Operating as Australia’s first and only ASX-listed digital asset fund manager for over six years, DigitalX is pleased to be amongst the first in the world to offer a spot Bitcoin ETF, following on from the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in the United States in early 2024.

“We are pleased to now be able to deliver and offer this spot Bitcoin ETF to the Australian market. This is a watershed moment for us as a business and for the Australian digital asset investment market,

“The DigitalX Bitcoin ETF is a spot ETF product that provides ASX customers with direct access to Bitcoin via a regulated and liquid fund structure,” said Lisa Wade,
DigitalX Chief Executive Officer.

According to her, DigitalX has one of the longest track records in the world managing digital assets and they are excited to share their expertise with Australians to access Bitcoin in a secure way.

She notes that their offering will enable Australians to invest in Bitcoin, without having to manage digital wallets, in a cost effective and secure manner.

“Our purpose for offering this product remains the same- to offer Australians a safe, secure and affordable way to access Bitcoin exposure into their portfolios,” she added.

DigitalX Chair, Toby Hicks said that as they celebrate ten years since the listing of DigitalX on the ASX, it is exciting to see the growth and development of the digital asset markets reflected in this approval for the DigitalX spot Bitcoin ETF to be quoted on the ASX.

“Over ten years, DigitalX has grown alongside the digital asset markets, and we are ready to be leaders in the ongoing development of digital asset investments in a compliant, safe and secure manner,” he said.

DigitalX is a technology and investment company focused on growing the blockchain economy through its digital asset funds management business, digital fintech and regtech products, and blockchain ventures.

Its product team designs and develops blockchain technology applications for business and enterprise organizations.

Through its asset management division, DigitalX provides low-cost traditional asset management products for qualified investors looking to gain exposure to the growing alternative asset class of digital assets, including Bitcoin.

DigitalX is currently commercializing Drawbridge, the company’s first regtech solution which is supporting listed companies to better manage their compliance and corporate governance policies.

With Drawbridge, companies can manage employee and director share trading approvals in order to safeguard their reputations.

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