Suzuki Motor Corporation has launched $40 million fund in India to support social entrepreneurs.

The firm said in a statement on Thursday that it has established a 100 percent-owned subsidiary “Next Bharat Ventures IFSC Private Limited” (Next Bharat) and a fund “Next Bharat Venture Fund-1″ in India.

According to the statement, Next Bharat will support and invest in social entrepreneurs working in the fields of agriculture, financial inclusion, supply chain and mobility through the fund, with the aim of solving social issues in India through business.

The company also plans to invest in venture capitals.

Suzuki began production and sales of automobiles in India in 1983, and has since been providing customers with mobilities including automobiles and motorcycles.

Through the activities of Next Bharat, Suzuki aims to build ties with the people of India beyond the mobility sector and contribute to the further development of India.

“There are about 1.4 billion people in India, but we have only reached about 0.4 billion people. Next Bharat will focus on nurturing and empowering social entrepreneurs, who are passionately solving the problems of India,

“Through this, we will connect with the ‘Next Billion’ people of India, extending beyond mobility and becoming a part of India’s future story,” said Suzuki.

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