PitchIN, Malaysia’s digital fundraising and investment hub, has on Wednesday announced that it is launching PSTX, the pitchIN Secondary Trading Market.

PSTX is Malaysia’s first ever equity crowdfunding (ECF) secondary market, pitchIN said in a statement.

It is noted that pitchIN’s private equities marketplace joins the ranks of other international ECF platforms like Seedrs (based in the United Kingdom) and StartEngine (based in the United States) in providing formal trading platforms to ECF investors.

PSTX inception marks a new chapter for pitchIN and the ECF ecosystem in Malaysia.

The secondary market allows ECF investors to trade their shares in businesses that raise funds on pitchIN.

Investors now have the freedom to manage their portfolios by deciding whether to invest further or realize their exits with just a few clicks.

Additionally, PSTX is a perfect avenue for investors who missed their ECF deals, another opportunity to take stakes in the fast growing companies listed in PSTX.

PSTX will open for trading at 10 am on July 10, 2024 with ten companies listed initially. More companies are due to be listed in the coming months.

At commencement, PSTX will open for trading two days a week every Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am to 5 pm. Orders can be placed from 10 am onwards on Tuesdays.

The secondary market will not open on national public holidays that fall on Wednesdays and or Thursdays.

The ten companies that will be the first to be traded on PSTX are as follows:
1. Commerce.Asia – an e-commerce ecosystem
2. Gobuilders Netsoft (GoLog) – an intelligent cold chain logistic platform
3. Goobat – a healthcare platform
4. Mereka Innovative – a creative hub connects to experts and services to solve challenges
5. NuVending – a self serving automation vending technology platform
6. Signature Snack – a healthy snack e-commerce company
7. SilentMode – a software development company specialized in developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) for retail and fuel retail
8. Speedhome – a rental platform
9. Synergy Four (Oxwhite) – a premium affordable essentials platform
10. Vacrea (Cauli & Rice) – a rice chain store

“Since 2015, ECF has proved to be a vital component of the innovative financing and investment ecosystem in Malaysia,

“It has helped spur the development of private businesses in Malaysia and played a huge part in supporting them during the pandemic years,” said Sam Shafie, Chief Executive Officer of pitchIN.

According to him, over the years, pitchIN has assisted over 177 businesses to collectively raise more than MYR 325 million ($69 million), making it Malaysia’s leading ECF platform.

“Introducing PSTX is the next natural step for us to realize our vision of becoming a complete fundraising and investing
hub for private companies,

“We decided to introduce PSTX because it benefits both investors and the businesses themselves as investors can choose to exit while businesses can gain new backers even when they are not actively fundraising. It is a win-win situation for all,” he added.

According to the statement, PSTX will enable the general public to safely invest in the private market through a regulated platform that is operated by pitchIN.

Anyone wishing to trade will have to open an account with pitchIN and undergo the customary KYC processes required for users of registered financial platforms.

The secondary market will operate on a cash upfront basis whereby users wanting to trade will have to ensure that the necessary funds are in their accounts before they place bids.

Kashminder Singh, Chief Strategy Officer of pitchIN, highlighted how PSTX is transforming the private investment landscape and what the future holds for PSTX.

According to him, PSTX will boost investor choice and confidence with liquidity options, information and transparency.

He also noted that companies listed on PSTX will benefit as their participation will enable them to enhance their reporting and governance levels.

“Importantly, this is just the start of the PSTX journey for pitchIN. We are taking a measured and learning approach to growing our secondary market, which is why we are starting with ten companies,

“Over time, we will be introducing more enhancements and innovations to our platform,” he added.

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