Pall Corporation, a global filtration, separation and purification technologies firm, has invested approximately $150 million to a manufacturing facility in Singapore to support global semiconductor demand.

Pall said in a statement on Thursday that the new state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Singapore will serve regional and global customers within the growing semiconductor industry.

The facility will primarily produce lithography and wet-etch filtration, purification and separation solutions that will help meet the high demand for advanced node semiconductor chips.

“Throughout an almost 80-year history, Pall has been on the forefront of solving some of the world’s most complex challenges using advanced filtration,” said Naresh Narasimhan, Danaher Group Executive, High Growth Markets and Pall Corporation.

According to him, this new facility is not only an important development for advancing semiconductor manufacturing technology, but also an important next step for Pall.

“We will continue to leverage our experience and expertise to help solve global challenges, from the increased demand for advanced chips to aiding in the transition to greener manufacturing,” he added.

The now-completed seven-acre facility will include more than 18,000 square meters of high-volume manufacturing (HVM) and office space and will integrate core research and development capabilities in the future.

The new facility will allow customers in highly demanding industries to meet growing end market demand for data processing and storage.

“Newer applications like generative artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), next generation communications and autonomous vehicles require cutting-edge semiconductor chips that are made in advanced node fabs,

“The high technology filtration solutions manufactured by this new facility are specifically designed to support the production of these advanced node logic and memory chips,” said Shangaza Dasent, Vice President and General Manager Microelectronics, Pall Corporation.

It is expected that the new site will create up to 300 jobs over the next few years across science, engineering and advanced manufacturing, with an emphasis on training and developing new talent as well as enabling transfer of knowledge to contribute to the growth of the sector as part of Singapore’s long-term strategy.

There will be a consistent focus on talent development aligned to broader strategic national priorities to ensure that the advanced manufacturing industry can thrive in Singapore.

With the addition of Pall’s new facility, Pall is building more capacity to support cutting-edge technologies and help scale new applications like generative AI.

“We warmly welcome Pall’s new manufacturing facility to Singapore’s vibrant semiconductor ecosystem,

“This addition not only strengthens Singapore’s position as a critical node within the global semiconductor industry, but also improves the resiliency of the supply chain for the region,” said Tan Kong Hwee, Executive Vice President, Singapore Economic Development Board.

He said Singapore is committed to nurturing talent, building its research and development (R&D) capabilities and ecosystem, and working with the industry to build a robust and diverse advanced manufacturing cluster.

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