Botsync, the Singapore-based developers of integrated automation solutions for Asia Pacific (APAC) and beyond, has on Wednesday announced the completion of a $5.2 million Series A round of financing.

The round was led by Capital 2B and Betatron Venture Group, with participation from IvyCap Ventures, AppWorks, Iterative, Wong Fong, ZB Capital, Nalin Advani, and Ascend Angels, Botsync said in a statement.

With the backing of top-tier investors from India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, Botsync said it is building a global caliber company geared to meet the automation needs of manufacturers from around the world.

The firm plans to aggressively expand deeper into Southeast Asia and India, as well as enter Australia and Middle Eastern markets.

With this round of financing, Botsync will increase the range of supported automation integrations on the syncOS platform, as well as invest into product development to further automate and simplify the syncOS platform and simplify the automation onboarding process.

These efforts will be underlined through investments in Botsync’s service and support teams across the region to improve customer service capabilities and provide around-the-clock technical support.

“As former robotic hardware vendors ourselves, we intimately understand the integration challenges that modern manufacturers face,

“Botsync eliminates fragmentation across manufacturing processes, simplifying the adoption of robotic systems for both our customers and network of automation partners,” said Rahul Nambiar, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Botsync.

”The agnostic and intuitive nature of our integration platform to connect both modern and legacy robotic systems together, coupled with our deep knowledge of installing and servicing robotic projects across Asia puts us in a unique position for success,” he added.

Launched in October 2019, Botsync streamlines manufacturing operations through system agnostic no-code integration solutions (syncOS) and suite of autonomous mobile robots (MAG Mobile Robots), integrating cross-platform operations from different automations systems all on one platform.

The firm enables companies to better utilize automation and achieve a much higher degree of agility in their manufacturing operations—in turn, allowing them to effectively adapt to the changing needs of their customers and stay competitive in their respective industries.

Through its flagship syncOS Integrator platform, Botsync seamlessly integrates different automation systems together, featuring pre-built integration with major robotic and automation products, allowing users to easily connect different robotic systems together without having to write any integration code.

The firm’s MAG Mobile Robots are designed with the modern factory in mind, replacing forklifts, trolleys, pallet trucks, and other equipment to eliminate manual operations between machines and automate intralogistics operations.

Its products and services are utilized by a wide range of manufacturing customers, seeking to automate and streamline their manufacturing processes to be more agile, cost-effective, and energy efficient, across major manufacturing industries, including automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

The firm’s customers include global brands like Ford Motors, Kimberly Clark, and Bollore Logistics, among others.

Botsync currently has major sales and operations presence in Singapore, India, Thailand, and Indonesia.

It is noted that the company has been growing at an average growth rate of 130 percent year-over-year over the past three years, with a projected growth rate exceeding 150 percent in 2024.

“As automation drives manufacturing efficiency, the market is ripe for Industry 5.0 transition and the adoption of robotics solutions,

“Enabling easy integration of new age robotics with legacy systems and providing a common orchestration layer to manage existing machines from different vendors will accelerate mass adoption,” said Amit Behl, Partner, Capital 2B.

He believes in Botsync’s vision of empowering factory level automations through hardware and software innovations.

Arshad Chowdhury, Managing Partner of Betatron Venture Group, said they are incredibly impressed the Botsync team’s ability to close and expand contracts with some of the largest manufacturers in the region.

“We believe the future of manufacturing is flexible and automated, and Botsync will guide manufacturers in making the transition,” he added.

Vikram Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner of IvyCap Ventures, said that led by passionate founders, Botsync’s innovative and accessible automation solutions uniquely position them in the APAC market.

“Their focus on simplicity, safety, and reliability aligns with our vision for the future of manufacturing,

“We are excited to support their journey and witness their growth,” he added.

Joseph Chan, Partner of AppWorks, also said that Botsync’s team has transformed the firm from a consultancy studio to a leading force in robotic control and automation, showcasing remarkable resilience and determination.

“Each successful customer engagement marks significant strides in both personal and business growth,

“At AppWorks, we are proud to support them with our extensive founder community and corporate network in this region,” he added.

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