The Innovate UK Global Incubator Program, a collaborative initiative between Singapore Deep Tech Alliance (SDTA), Better Earth Ventures (BEV), and Innovate UK, has returned to Singapore to boost clean tech ventures.

SDTA said in a statement on Wednesday that the focus is on sustainability and clean tech ventures, aiming to foster collaborations between United Kingdom companies and Singapore’s vibrant ecosystem.

According to the statement, this year’s program builds upon the success of the inaugural advanced manufacturing program in 2023, which saw UK-based advanced manufacturing companies expand into Singapore and Southeast Asia, highlighting a continued commitment to fostering innovation in the region.

The eight-month program will feature two immersion visits to Singapore, one-on-one coaching, mentoring and expert sessions focused on their product-development and go-to market strategy, developing a roadmap to establish business structures and connecting with the relevant talent pool.

Herein, the ventures will have the opportunity to leverage SDTA’s and BEV’s professional networks and resources.

Having completed the first immersion visit between 13th to 17th May 2024, the week included connecting them with sector experts, experienced deep-tech entrepreneurs in Singapore, universities, labs and investors, allowing innovators to work with their counterparts to encourage the deployment of novel technologies.

“As the most innovative economy in Asia, accelerating clean tech innovation is critical to Singapore’s present and future in more ways than one,” Luuk Eliens, Founding Partner of SDTA.

“We are thrilled to renew our collaboration with Innovate UK and extend our support to UK companies focusing on sustainability and clean tech related solutions and pioneering their growth in this region,

“With sustainability challenges becoming more complex, we are in the position to drive impact through such collaborations and further advance the countries’ bilateral economic relations for the long term,” he added.

It is noted that the program brings together eight fast-growing UK tech startups and marks the first clean tech program by Innovate UK in the Asia-Pacific region.

“As a hub of sustainability and innovation, Singapore offers a fertile ground for global ventures seeking to make a difference,” said Jon Hazell, Partnership Manager – Global Incubator at Innovate UK.

“Understanding the intricacies of the local business landscape is key to navigating not just Singapore but the broader ASEAN markets,

“Our collaboration with SDTA and BEV marks a pivotal milestone for UK deep-tech companies, facilitating a deeper understanding of Southeast Asia’s unique dynamics and fostering collaboration & innovation with fellow industry pioneers to drive impactful solutions and enrich the regional ecosystem,” he added.

Better Earth Ventures, a key partner in the initiative, emphasised the importance of deep technology in addressing complex global challenges.

“We believe that technology has a pivotal role to play in building a more sustainable future, specifically in enabling our planet and economies to become climate resilient,” said Rebecca Sharpe, Managing Director at BEV stated.

“This year’s ventures are truly cutting-edge, addressing intricate challenges that must be addressed now,

“We hand-picked the ventures based on their relevance to South-East Asia’s sustainability challenges and Singapore’s Green Plan and are very excited to help these top-notch ventures to expand into the region,” she added.

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is the UK’s innovation agency.

The agency aims to help companies to grow through their development and commercialization of new products, processes and services, supported by an outstanding innovation ecosystem that is agile, inclusive and easy to navigate

SDTA helps founders to rapidly build, validate, and scale Climate Tech startups from technologies aimed at engineering sustainability in the energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries through a public-private partnership with corporates, investors, research institutions, and government and regulatory agencies.

Better Earth Ventures is an agency aims to accelerate the development and deployment of transformative technologies and initiatives that mitigate climate change and promote sustainable living.

Located strategically in Singapore, the platform serves as a pivotal gateway to Asia Pacific, with a strong regional network of commercial partners, investors and mentors to help growth-stage businesses scale sustainably across borders.

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