Vietnam-based electric vehicle maker VinFast Auto is aiming to expand its authorized dealers to at least 120 by year-end.

The firm said in a statement on Tuesday that its aims to become the leading car manufacturer in Vietnam, taking on established gasoline car brands.

To achieve this, it plans to further expand its national network of showrooms and authorized dealers to at least 120 by year-end.

The firm also noted that it is accepting early deposits for the VF 3 mini e-SUV in the Vietnamese market.

Vingroup Chairman and VinFast Chief Executive Officer Pham Nhat Vuong said the company will begin accepting deposits for the VF 3 in Vietnam from May 13 to 15, 2024.

“Vietnamese people are capable of achieving extraordinary things. Vingroup is willing to make sacrifices and overcome challenges to build a successful Vietnamese brand of international standing,” he said.

He also highlighted four key advantages of VinFast electric cars over gasoline competitors in the same class: lower total cost of ownership, cheaper energy costs per kilometer, reduced maintenance and repair expenses, and superior after-sales service and policies.

Combined with a customer-centric approach, the ongoing nationwide expansion of charging stations, and growing consumer awareness of electric car benefits, these strengths position VinFast to become a dominant market force in the near future, the company said.

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