Gojek Singapore and ComfortDelGro Taxi, Singapore’s largest taxi operator, have on Tuesday announced the official launch of their cross-dispatch model partnership.

The duo said in a statement that this builds on the previously-announced collaboration agreement between the two companies, through which Gojek and ComfortDelGro Taxi committed to work together to address key issues affecting the point-to-point transport industry.

As part of the partnership, a cross-dispatch model will be introduced, allowing jobs from either platform that are not taken up to be sent to the other platform.

Driver-partners will have the potential to earn more, as there will be more jobs available for them without the need to download any additional apps.

Jobs will always be offered first to driver-partners on the original platform, and will only be dispatched to the other party when they are unfulfilled.

This will improve overall reliability as well as increase customer demand and platform loyalty, ultimately benefiting driver-partners.

The first phase of the partnership will start on April 29, 2024, with unfulfilled Gojek rides booked via the GoCar service made available for fulfillment by ComfortDelGro Taxi

The second phase, where Gojek drivers will be able to fulfill uncatered ComfortDelGro Taxi rides, will be rolled out in the near future.

With this model, customers will enjoy improved reliability and reduced waiting times, without any changes to the price of their ride.

This is especially since taxis operate on a two-shift model, which will ensure a more consistent supply for customers at all times of the day.

Looking ahead, Gojek and ComfortDelGro Taxi remain committed to exploring other areas of collaboration with the aim of benefitting even more customers and driver-partners in
the future.

This will include electric vehicle and ancillary revenue opportunities, as well as support solutions like insurance, driver training and vehicle maintenance.

“The launch of our partnership with ComfortDelGro marks a huge milestone for both companies,” said Lien Choong Luen, General Manager, Gojek Singapore.

“The welfare and overall income sustainability of drivers is our top priority, and with this partnership, drivers will be able to see higher demand and improved earnings, while commuters can look forward to greater availability of rides with shorter waiting times, making this partnership a win for everyone,

“We look forward to working closely with ComfortDelGro to provide better value in the point-to-point industry,” he added.

Jackson Chia, Chief Executive Officer of ComfortDelGro Private Mobility Group, said that taxis remain a key component of Singapore public transport infrastructure.

By combining their fleets in a cross-dispatch model, he said ComfortDelGro’s two-shift taxi system will help ensure more availability and shorter waiting times during non-peak hours.

“At the same time, this partnership will also reduce waiting times and increase ride availability for passengers, a win-win for all,

“Partnerships of this nature strengthen the whole ecosystem and also make the peer to peer (P2P) industry a more attractive option for vocational license holders,” he added.

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