American technology firm Apple announced Tuesday it will open Indonesia’s fourth Apple Developer Academy in Bali, expanding on its investment to increase opportunities for developers, students, and entrepreneurs looking to embark on careers in the region’s growing iOS app economy.

Since Indonesia’s first Apple Developer Academy launched in Jakarta in 2018, Apple has opened academies in Surabaya and Batam, and more than 2,000 aspiring developers have completed the program, Apple said in a statement.

As a testament to the academy’s impact, 90 percent of its graduates have gone on to find meaningful employment in various sectors spanning education, e-commerce, transportation, sustainability, and more, said the statement.

“We’ve seen many times over that a line of code can change the world — and in Indonesia, we’re investing in the creativity and skills of people determined to prove it,

“We’re excited by the growing developer community in Indonesia, and we look forward to investing in the success of even more coders with our fourth academy in the country,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer.

According to the statement, the academy’s nine-month program covers the basics of coding, as well as areas such as design, marketing, and project management, empowering students with the full suite of skills needed to become world-class entrepreneurs and developers.

To encourage cross-cultural exchange, the Bali campus will accept applications not just from Indonesia, but across the globe, regardless of educational background or coding experience.

Apple said the academies in Indonesia have welcomed students from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds.

To date, the cohorts have comprised students from over 90 cities across Indonesia, ranging between 18 and 50 years old, each of whom brings new ideas and life experiences to app designs and business plans.

The academy’s curriculum also reflects Apple’s approach to Challenge Based Learning, encouraging students to address personal, community, and global challenges, while designing inclusively to make a positive impact in the world.

It is noted Southeast Asia is home to hundreds of thousands of developers behind more than 90,000 apps on the App Store.

Beyond creating their own startups in Indonesia, many academy graduates have also gone on to join established companies throughout the region, contributing to the development of apps and digital products with skills gained at the academies.

Since the first Apple Developer Academy opened in Brazil, the program has grown to more locations around the world, including Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and the United States.

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