Chinese multinational technology Lenovo has announced new hybrid artificial intelligence (AI) solutions via collaboration with American technology firm NVIDIA.

Lenovo said in a statement on Tuesday that the solutions deliver the power of tailored generative AI applications to every enterprise and cloud, bringing transformational capabilities to every industry.

Stemming from the expanded engineering collaboration with NVIDIA, it said the innovations help enterprises and cloud providers with the critical accelerated computing capabilities needed to succeed in the AI era, taking AI from concept to reality and empowering businesses to efficiently develop and deploy new AI use cases that drive innovation, digitalization and growth.

According to the statement, the hybrid solutions are purpose built through engineering collaboration to efficiently bring AI to customer data, where and when users need it the most – from the pocket to the cloud – advancing Lenovo’s vision to enable AI for all and delivering time to market support of breakthrough architecture for the next generation of massive scale generative AI.

It is noted that Lenovo hybrid solutions, already optimized to run NVIDIA AI Enterprise software for secure, supported and stable production AI, will now also provide developers access to the just-announced NVIDIA microservices, including NVIDIA NIM and NeMo Retriever.

“Lenovo’s work with NVIDIA is pushing the boundaries of augmented intelligence for businesses everywhere, taking AI compute to where their data lives with a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge, hybrid AI solutions that will power generative AI from virtually anywhere while supporting sustainability efforts,” said Kirk Skaugen, President of Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group.

“We are at an inflection point where new AI use cases are coming to market based on improvements in real-time computing, power efficiency and ease of deployment,

“Through our partnership with NVIDIA, we are delivering groundbreaking advancements in efficiency, performance, and cost that are accelerating AI applications across every industry and helping businesses immediately use insights from their data sets, whether for upgrading the retail experience, reimagining our cities, or unlocking the next level of smart manufacturing,” he added.

Bob Pette, Vice President of Enterprise Platforms at NVIDIA, said that AI is a powerful force helping businesses unlock new insights from their data and enhance productivity.

“Lenovo’s new enterprise AI solutions, integrated with NVIDIA technology, demonstrate a pivotal milestone in supercharging compute performance for AI, delivering hybrid systems that businesses can rely on to power generative AI from virtually anywhere,” he added.

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