In line with Malaysia’s energy transition aspiration and commitment to support regional power integration via the ASEAN Power Grid Initiative, the government of Malaysia has agreed to establish Energy Exchange Malaysia (ENEGEM) for cross-border green electricity sales to neighboring countries.

The cross-border sales of energy through the ENEGEM platform will be implemented based on the latest “Guide for Cross-Border Electricity Sales (CBES)” issued by the Energy
Commission, The Ministry of Energy Transition and Water Transformation (PETRA).

PETRA is also inviting interested and eligible party to participate in the inaugural auction for the purchase of green electricity from Malaysia’s Electricity supply system to be supplied to Singapore via the ENEGEM Platform.

The auctioning process for cross border sales of green electricity will commenced with a 100 megawatts (MW) pilot run, utilizing the existing interconnection between Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia.

The key features of the forthcoming auction for the purchase of green electricity including the pilot scheme which will be opened to renewable energy (RE) Bidders who hold electricity generation and/or retailer license for the Singapore Electricity Market.

Interested RE bidders are required to register with Single Buyer to participate in the auction, it said.

After qualification process, it said successful applicants will be notified to proceed with auction to purchase Green Electricity on auction day.

It also noted that winning bidders will enter into RE supply agreement with single buyer for the sales and purchase of green electricity.

Interested RE bidders may register their intent to participate through the Ministry of Energy Transition and Water Transformation (PETRA) or Single Buyer’s website starting April 16, 2024.

PETRA believes that the initiation of auctioning via the ENEGEM platform will allow Malaysia to further strengthen its cross-border electricity integration framework, while paving the way for greater renewable energy development and regional cooperation on cross-border energy trading between ASEAN countries.

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