Electric vehicle (EV) charging operators Charge+ from Singapore and ChargeSini (Chargehere EV Solution Sdn Bhd) from Malaysia have signed a roaming collaboration agreement that grants EV drivers from both parties access to each other’s charging networks.

The duo said in a statement on Friday that both the Singapore and Malaysian governments have identified the EV sector as a key growth area and rolled out pro-EV policies to encourage the uptake of EVs.

This roaming partnership between Charge+ and ChargeSini will enhance the convenience of cross-border EV charging in both countries and increase the confidence of EV drivers in long-distance driving, said the statement.

Charge+ is a leading EV charging operator in Southeast Asia, with about 2,000 EV charging points implemented in Singapore and across the region.

The firm aims to install 30,000 EV charging points in Southeast Asia by 2030.

This roaming agreement is highly synergistic with Charge+’s ongoing implementation of an EV charging highway that spans 5,000km across five Southeast Asia countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the longest EV charging backbone in the region.

Charge+ had also earlier announced roaming partnerships with several key EV charging players in the region, namely Thailand’s Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Malaysia’s Tenaga Nasional Berhard (TNB) and Indonesia’s Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).

This announcement with ChargeSini represents another major milestone in enhancing the cross-border charging experience in Southeast Asia and will help address the longstanding concern of prospective EV buyers about the inconvenient signing-up process with multiple mobile apps.

ChargeSini is Malaysia’s leading EV charging solutions provider.

The firm presently boasts a network of 701 operational EV charging bays across 224 hubs, strategically located across Peninsular and East Malaysia.

This network includes 122 direct current (DC) charging points and 579 alternating current (AC) charging points.

This roaming partnership will grant ChargeSini app users access to the Charge+ EV charging network in Singapore, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia.

When the roaming is implemented, the charging points are accessible through both the proprietary apps of Charge+ and ChargeSini that are available on both Apple (iOS) and Google
(Android) devices.

“This roaming collaboration aligns with our mission to catalyze the proliferation of electric mobility in Southeast Asia,” Charge+’s Chief Executive Officer Goh Chee Kiong said.

“The extension of our charging network through roaming will dispel the misperception that EVs are not suitable for long-distance, cross-border travel,

“We believe in creating a seamless access to more charging points, thereby contributing to the growth in the adoption of electric vehicles in the region,” he added.

Meanwhile, ChargeSini’s Founder James Goh said that with partnership, the duo can now connect more EV owners and users together through both their networks, thus allowing
them to undertake stress-free cross-border travels with their EVs.

“I am both proud and ecstatic that Charge+ has chosen to partner with ChargeSini…I am elated that users from both sides can now easily access any of our chargers through our existing apps too,” he added.

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