Indonesian aqua-tech startup eFishery has on last Thursday announced the integration of Andri Yadi and his team, who were previously the driving force behind one of Indonesia’s most innovative and pioneering artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) startups, into its AIoT & Cultivation Intelligence Division.

EFishery said in a statement that Yadi and his team bring deep expertise and extensive experience in developing end-to-end products and solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) technology, which have been recognized through various prestigious national and international awards.

It is noted that other than practitioners and innovators for over two decades, Yadi also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Indonesian IoT Association (ASIOTI), actively contributing to accelerating digital transformation in Indonesia through the national IoT ecosystem.

According to the statement, this strategic decision aims to strengthen eFishery’s position in the market, enhance eFishery’s capabilities, and drive sustainable growth and innovation.

“The steps we are taking align with eFishery’s mission to address challenges related to food and respond to the needs of sustainable growth while increasing eFishery’s contribution to the aquaculture industry in Indonesia through the provision of affordable technology,” said Gibran Huzaifah, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of eFishery.

According to him, Yadi and his team can strengthen and accelerate the implementation of AI and IoT within the eFishery ecosystem, enabling them to meet the needs and challenges in the aquaculture industry through evolving technological innovations.

“Particularly in the field of AI and IoT, we hope that the innovations stemming from this collaboration can provide targeted solutions for the sustainability and growth of the aquaculture industry and businesses faced by fish and shrimp farmers,” he added.

It is noted that currently, eFeeder–an automatic feeding innovation for fish and shrimp farming–is one of eFishery’s products utilizing IoT technology, managed by the AIoT & Cultivation Intelligence Division.

By leveraging IoT technology, the firm eFeeder has proven its ability to increase the productivity of fish and shrimp farmers.

It said it enables a 30 percent reduction in feed usage, while providing valuable insights into feed planning and harvest results.

Meanwhile, in 2024 and beyond, eFishery said it plans to expand its portfolio of IoT and AI-based products beyond just eFeeder, to realize aquaculture intelligence within the eFishery ecosystem under a new brand –

This effort is designed to enhance the productivity and profitability of fish and shrimp farmers, said the firm.

The firm also noted the inclusion of Yadi and his team into eFishery is a tangible step towards realizing these plans and visions.

According to the statement, Yadi will serve as the Vice President of the AIoT & Cultivation Intelligence Product Division at eFishery.

His team members will be placed in the positions based on their specialization in IoT hardware, firmware, AI, platforms, and applications development.

Within this new team structure, an ambitious roadmap for AI & IoT product development over the next two to three years has been outlined.

This roadmap also targets the launch of more than ten innovative products in 2024, including new IoT device products and platforms, Generative AI-based products, and
other aquaculture intelligence solutions.

By leveraging ready-to-use products and technology, intellectual wealth, experience, and expertise from Andri Yadi and his team, the firm acknowledged that product development cycle can be optimized up to three to four times faster.

“From the outset, my team and I have always focused on the latest technology, especially AI and IoT, as the foundation for various products and solutions we develop and market,” said Yadi.

“On the other hand, eFishery has consistently found practical applications for this technology in the field of aquaculture,

“I am confident that with our joining eFishery, the company will be more prepared for rapid business growth, supported by a strong technological foundation,” he said.

In this synergy, he said both AI and IoT, merging into AIoT, will be the main supporting technologies.

“My team and I are very excited to be part of eFisherians and collaborate in realizing our shared plans,” he added.

Established in 2013, eFishery is an aquaculture technology company to pioneer innovations in the field of aquaculture.

The firm provides innovative solutions within the aquaculture ecosystem by offering an end-to-end platform that provides access to feed, funding, and markets for fish and shrimp farmers.

Indonesia’s aquaculture company eFishery expands to India