Malaysian cloud hospital and mobile health services provider UCrest Berhad has partnered clinics managing group Mediprima Healthcare (M) Sdn Bhd to digitalize medical services.

The duo said in a statement on Thursday that they have signed a business partnership agreement to digitalize the clinics with digital health platform and internet of medical things (IoMT) into the medical services, leading the primary care services to a new era, elevating the healthcare industry to the next level.

According to the statement, Mediprima will deploy iMedic™ in their current 18 clinics offering telemedicine, preventive care programs, chronic disease management, and robust digital health screening programs.

With the technologies, together with the medical expertise offered by Mediprima, iMedic™ will be offered to their patients nationwide.

The collaboration is expected to contribute positively to Mediprima’s expansion plan.

It is noted that iMedic™ is the leading digital health platform developed by UCrest, currently used in multiple
countries in Asia, Middle East, and United States.

IMedic™ leads the market with its IoMT and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, empowering the patients to better manage their own health and increase the productivity of doctors and clinics through digital healthcare.

The platform connects to over 30 wireless medical devices including ECG, blood pressure monitor, oximeter, ultrasound, BMI machines, CPAP, fundus cameras and others.

IMedic™ uses IoMT facilitating digital healthcare especially in chronic disease management, bridging together patients and healthcare practitioners to proactively managing patients’ health.

The digital health platform is powered by the integrated technologies of AI, IoMT, big data and blockchain.

“We are looking forward to the partnership with UCrest as its iMedic™ platform. We have always emphasized on bridging technology with healthcare,

“This collaboration can play an important role in providing our doctors with easy access to our patients and improving patient overall well-being.” said Dr Anbalagan A/L Kailasan, the Founder and Director of Mediprima.

Eg Kah Yee, Chief Executive Officer of UCrest, said that this partnership with Mediprima marks the beginning of the digital health era in the country with the use of IoMT technology in providing healthcare services.

“The synergy is strategic and instrumental in elevating the primary care services from reactive medical service to proactive management of the health of patients.

“With the use of technologies in healthcare, healthcare service providers are able to improve productivity significantly and to provide more affordable services nationwide easily,” he added.

UCrest Berhad is a Malaysia-listed provider of cloud hospital and mobile health services.

Currently, the Company has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, and Taiwan.

Its iMedic™ Cloud Hospital is currently used by renowned doctors and patients in the United States of America, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Middle East countries for the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD),
cancer, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, stroke rehabilitation and other diseases.

Mediprima Group is a private healthcare institution in Malaysia dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-centered care through a combination of medical expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and compassionate support.

As a primary care clinic chain operating under the brand Poliklinik Mediprima, the group has more than 18 clinics providing healthcare services across a wide range of medical specialties to its patients.

The firm is supported by more than 30 qualified private practitioners.

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