Rently, a Singapore-based fintech startup in the property space, is partnering with co-working and lifestyle hub, The Working Capitol and ghost kitchen services provider, Smart City Kitchens to diversify their business offerings beyond residential properties.

This multi-industry collaboration will kickstart Rently’s expansion into the commercial industries and as an extension of Rently Care, Rently said in a statement.

Rently Care is a proprietary subscription and Asia Pacific’s first deposit-free service that grants tenants the convenience of skipping the downsides of hefty deposits while safeguarding them from potential rental scams or landlord/tenant disputes.

According to the statement, with the rise of remote work coupled with the growing demand for flexible solutions in the modern workspace, today’s business demands have evolved.

As such, this strategic partnership seeks to provide business owners from solo entrepreneurs to fellow startups to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the ability to access premier workspaces or well equipped culinary hubs without the burden of upfront financial constraints.

“We at Rently are very excited for this working partnership with Smart City Kitchens and The Working Capitol, as it allows us to further expand our scope within the rental space,

“We hope to enable and empower businesses to be able to rent, safely and seamlessly,” said Dominic Schacher, Founder of Rently.

According to the statement, the partnership agreement between Rently, Smart City Kitchens, and The Working Capitol, respectively, endeavors to transform the landscape of business rentals.

Through Rently Care, the partnership aims to alleviate the financial burdens that often accompany securing premium workspaces, thereby democratizing access to co-working and virtual kitchen facilities.

“We are excited to enable an enhanced layer of flexibility and support for our members, made possible through our strategic partnership with Rently,

“This collaboration integrates Rently’s secure and efficient renting solutions into our services, empowering our members with the option to move in deposit-free,” said Ben Gattie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Working Capitol.

He added that this initiative marks a shift in how the firm’s members can now allocate their resources more effectively towards the growth of their businesses.

“More than just providing an alternative to traditional leasing models, our partnership with Rently is set to rethink the way our members can interact with our spaces,

“We are set to bring in new life into the Telok Ayer and Ann Siang neighborhoods and introduce this initiative to our expanded portfolio,” he added.

Arin Aghazarian, General Manager of Smart City Kitchens also shared that this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the firm’s mission to empower aspiring restaurateurs.

“By joining forces, we’re revolutionizing the entry into the culinary world, offering our clients the opportunity to pursue their dreams with minimal upfront costs,

“Together, we’re removing barriers and paving the way for innovation in the food industry,” he added.

According to the statement, as this collaboration continues to evolve, the long-term vision remains clear: to empower home tenants and business entrepreneurs with the flexibility, support, and opportunities they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive and costly rental landscape.

By leveraging the strengths and expertise of each partner, Rently said the firm, Smart City Kitchens, and The Working Capitol are poised to ensure renting is accessible and achievable for everyone in Singapore.

Founded in 2022, Rently is a fintech startup that provides deposit-free rental solutions through their proprietary Rently Care subscription and property management services via the Rently app’s inventory feature.

The firm allows the flexibility of listing any property types and aims to connect potential tenants with landlords, agents and enterprises in a secure and effective way.

Rently is also a subsidiary of REFIN Group Limited.

Founded in 2015, The Working Capitol is a co-working and lifestyle hub anchoring the Keong Saik, Ann Siang and Telok Ayer neighborhoods with its ~120,000 square foot campus.

With over 130+ brands in its space, the firm is expanding its footprint into the Telok Ayer and Ann Siang neighborhood.

Smart City Kitchens is the leading CloudKitchens® player in Singapore with over 200 kitchens across nine facilities in Singapore.

The firm provides commercial kitchens ready for food delivery and food manufacturing.

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