Charge+, a Singapore-based electric vehicle (EV) charging operator, has expanded its operations in Thailand with the launch of a new direct current (DC) fast charging station in Bangkok

This new 120kW “Turbo” charging station is located at Sathon KFC drive-through in the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD), Charge+ said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to the statement, the Thai government has identified the EV sector as a strategic growth area and has rolled out pro-EV policies and incentives to encourage the adoption and manufacturing of EVs.

As a result, Thailand has become a hotbed for EV developments and in the first quarter of 2023, Thailand alone accounted for about 78 percent of new EV sales in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Charge+ commenced its operations in Thailand in 2022, with the opening of its charging network that was primarily alternating current (AC).

Charge+ has also been providing EV charging solutions for Haupcar, the largest EV sharing firm in Thailand, since 2022.

The launch of this new DC charging station in Sathon, Bangkok represents a key milestone in the expansion of Charge+’s EV charging operations in Thailand.

This will also contribute to Charge+’s implementation of an EV charging highway that spans 5,000km across five Southeast Asia countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam which is slated to become the longest
EV charging backbone in the region.

Using the Charge+ App, EV drivers can now access this DC charger in Sathon and more than 60 other chargers in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Moving forward, Charge+ is installing more DC charging stations in 2024 to serve the Thai EV community.

Upcoming locations for new DC chargers include Bangkok, Pattaya, Rayong, Phuket, Hat Yai and Thap Sakae, which is 340km south of Bangkok.

To address the longstanding concern of prospective EV buyers about long-distance driving due to the lack of charging infrastructure and the inconvenient signing-up process with multiple Mobile Apps, Charge+ had earlier announced its partnership with Thailand’s Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to provide roaming service to our EV drivers.

By mid-2024. Charge+ will complete the integration with EGAT on the roaming tie-up which will further expand our Thai charging network.

“Backed by pro-EV policies, Thailand has become the most exciting EV market in Southeast Asia and Charge+ is fully committed to making long-term investments across the country to serve the EV community,” said Goh Chee Kiong, Chief Executive Officer of Charge+.

“Thailand has also become a key node in Charge’s development of our 5,000km EV charging highway from Singapore to Hanoi,

“Going forward, Charge+ will seek to leverage our roaming partnerships here to further extend our EV charging network,” he added.

Meanwhile, Charge+ Chairman Ong Tze Boon said that since the founding of Charge+ in 2018, the firm’s vision is to catalyze electric mobility across Southeast Asia and they are pleased to have grown their charging network in this region to more than 1,500 charging points.

“In particular, Thailand has become a key focus for Charge+ and we are excited to be able to make a contribution to the EV transition in Thailand,” he added.

Charge+ is an integrated EV charging solution provider serving Southeast Asia, with the mission to catalyze the proliferation of electric mobility in the region.

Its suite of integrated solutions includes a proprietary ultra-slim charger, smart charging software and innovative business models.

With more than 1,500 EV charging points across Southeast Asia today, Charge+ is the largest EV charging operator in Singapore and a key player across the region.

The firm aims to operate 30,000 charging points by 2030.

Charge+ is also uniquely placed as a comprehensive charging operator serving the public housing, condominium, commercial and industrial building segments.

With Singapore as the springboard, Charge+ also operates in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia.

It has also commenced the implementation of a 5,000km EV charging highway from Singapore to Hanoi.

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