Malaysia-based Capital A‘s travel, lifestyle and financial digital platform Airasia MOVE (formerly known as airasia superapp) continues to set new milestones, achieving a peak of close to 17 million in its average monthly active users (MAU) during the fourth quarter of 2023, a 48 percent year on year growth.

Capital A said in a statement on Wednesday that the app maintained an average of 15 million MAU throughout the year 2023, a 42 percent year on year surge.

In tandem with the increased users, it said airasia MOVE achieved a new record for number of transactions, totaling 9.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2023.

This contributed to a cumulative 32.5 million transactions for the entire year, reflecting a 75 percent growth compared to the previous year.

Airasia MOVE gross booking value (GBV) also showcased substantial progress across all business segments, exhibiting a commendable 90 percent year on year growth.

Its travel GBV improved 110 percent year on year against FY2022, driven by the increase in flight bookings fueled by strong recovery in travel demand.

Its ride-hailing annual GBV grew by 54 percent year on year, bringing the total number of rides completed in FY2023 to 5.4 million. Klang Valley continues to be the primary location for utilizing rides services.

Its airasia rewards and other businesses also posted GBV growth of 42 percent year on year for FY2023, as travellers are back active in earning and utilizing points across the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, BigPay saw an uptick in the annual carded users, recording 14 percent increase year on year to nearly 1.5 million and gross transaction value (GTV) growth of 28 percent year on year against FY2022.

Its payment grew 6 percent annually, of which closed-loop payment saw a 60 percent growth year on year owing to the close collaboration with airasia MOVE.

Its remittance grew by 86 percent year on year in FY2023, driven by a 146 percent and 21 percent year on year increase in domestic and international transactions during the year with transaction sizes trending up.

As for its lending, the loan disbursement grew by 159 percent year on year, owing to the utilization of alternative data in credit scoring methodology to identify low risk segments within its loan application pool.

Its marketplace overall GTV recorded a 27 percent year on year growth in FY2023, attributed to the continued strong take-up rate of mobile prepaid top-up transactions.

Meanwhile, Capital A’s logistics unit Teleport delivered a strong performance across its core operational metrics in both the quarterly and full-year results.

For its cargo segment, the fourth quarter saw 60,565 tons delivered, up 94 percent year on year while the total tonnage moved for the year reached nearly 200,000, reflecting 88 percent growth compared to the previous year.

Throughout the year, the utilization rate saw an uptick of 2 percentage points to 14 percent (versus 12 percent in FY2022).

This is due to the significantly expanded capacity during the year resulting from the return of international flights, the induction of Teleport’s first two dedicated A321F freighter aircraft, as well as Teleport’s continued effort in forging close strategic third party airline partnerships.

AS for its delivery segment, the segment recorded the highest number of parcels delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023, reaching 12 million parcels, an increase of 279 percent year on year.

Its daily parcel deliveries also surpassed 130,000 for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2023.

This was supported by increased volume by new customers during the festive season.

Cumulatively, the segment delivered 29.9 million parcels in 2023, demonstrating a 275 percent year on year growth.

Capital A’s airasia MOVE quarterly revenue up 68 percent on year to $36.59 million