Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of Chinese tech company Tencent, has unveiled its latest artificial intelligence (AI) and media solutions to local partners at Inaugural Tencent Cloud Day in Malaysia.

Tencent Cloud said in a statement on Thursday that the move solidifies the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the industry.

According to the statement, Tencent Cloud has long-standing experience in developing and adopting AI technologies, which have an immense potential to enhance productivity, drive business agility, improve customer engagement, and accelerate product innovation.

Leveraging its strong technological foundation and vast experience in serving billions of users, along with its ecosystem solutions and regional investments, Tencent Cloud aims to help enterprises succeed in their digital transformation by leveraging AI-powered cloud services with the commitments to boost customer growth, content and entertainment, development tools and security.

In terms of customer growth, Tencent Cloud said the AI-powered cloud services empowers enterprises to reach and serve customers by establishing a closed loop from public domain customer acquisition to private domain operations, facilitating platform customer growth and retention.

As for content and entertainment, the AI-powered cloud services provide comprehensive audio and video solutions, cloud rendering solutions, avatar products, and intelligent tools to facilitate image and video content creation.

For development tools, it said the AI-powered cloud services offer convenient development environments and tools to enhance collaboration efficiency, maximize resource utilization, and reduce operation and maintenance costs for enterprises.

In terms of security, it said the AI-powered cloud services delivers end-to-end security protection products and solutions, ensuring a holistic approach to safeguarding systems and providing a comprehensive security shield.

Tencent Cloud also highlighted its AI Digital Human, a next-generation multi-modal human-computer interaction system capable of creating intelligent, visual, and interactive “digital avatars” in Malaysia.

This technology leads the intelligent upgrade of enterprise services, facilitates digital intelligence transformation, and improves communication efficiency and services for enterprises.

Introduced in 2022, Tencent Cloud Media Services presented a comprehensive media solution that fosters seamless connectivity among enterprises, users, developers, and all facets of the “Immersive Convergence” era.

The media services cater to diverse domains such as online education, enterprise collaboration, e-commerce, pan-entertainment, online healthcare, and finance, enabling customers to deliver real-time and captivating audience experiences on a global scale.

It is noted that Tencent Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of platform as a service (PaaS) and application platform as a service (aPaaS) offerings, including Media Processing Service (MPS), Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), Content Delivery Network (CDN), Beauty AI/AR or Tencent Effect SDK, Cloud Streaming Services, Tencent Cloud Online Video Platform (TOVP), Tencent Cloud Chat, and Video on Demand.

These cutting-edge products empower businesses to leverage the full potential of media and harness the benefits of Tencent’s advanced technologies.

Furthermore, Tencent Cloud said the firm is capable of providing private development via Tencent Cloud Enterprise (TCE) solutions and hybrid cloud via its Cloud Dedicated Zone (CDZ), in addition to its current public cloud offerings.

These services and solutions’ high security and reliability are proven to comply with international standards, as indicated on Tencent Cloud’s certifications in Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and Outsourced Service Provider’s Audit Report (OSPAR), among many others globally.

It is noted that in Malaysia, Tencent Cloud has supported Global Resource Management (GRM) in establishing a dedicated GRM integrated data center (IDC), which is expected to be officially launched by the end of 2023.

This collaboration has brought Tencent Cloud’s technological expertise to Malaysia, helping to accelerate the digital transformation journey across various industries.

“Fueled by our dedication to bringing AI-enabled innovations that can address complex business challenges and empower partners for future success, Tencent Cloud will continue to invest in technology enhancements,” said Ken Siow, General Manager of Tencent Cloud Singapore and Malaysia.

Tencent Cloud is a cloud firm committed to creating innovative solutions to resolve real-world issues and enabling digital transformation for smart industries.

Through its extensive global infrastructure, Tencent Cloud provides businesses across the globe with stable and secure industry-leading cloud products and services, leveraging technological advancements such as cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, internet of things (IoT) and network security.

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