Green and Smart Mobility JSC. (GSM), a ride-hailing firm founded by the owner of Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) maker VinFast, has launched its pure electric taxi service in Vientiane, Laos, to promote green mobility in Southeast Asia.

GSM said in a statement that the service will be under the brand name “Xanh SM”.

According to the statement, expanding into the first foreign market marks a step further in GSM’s “Go Green Global” strategy to establish itself as an international electric mobility services provider and promote the adoption of green mobility beyond borders.

Initially, Xanh SM Laos will employ the VinFast VF 5 Plus electric cars in their signature cyan color for its taxi fleet.

Currently, the company is operating primarily in Vientiane Capital.

The plan is to increase the fleet to 1,000 vehicles and expand to other popular destinations like the tourism town of Vang Vieng (Vientiane), as well as other provinces and cities such as Luang Prabang, Savannakhet, and Champasak in the coming phases.

“Launching Xanh SM Laos is a special milestone that marks the beginning of GSM’s global expansion journey,” said Nguyen Van Thanh, Global Chief Executive Officer of GSM.

He said the firm will keep exploring and innovating to create a unique fusion of local culture with international service standards that promises to deliver an exceptional experience to local residents as well as international visitors in Laos.

“The triumphant Xanh SM Laos will be a significant driving force behind GSM’s global expansion,

“Working alongside VinFast, GSM is determined to push forward eco-friendly mobility worldwide, paving the way for a better and more sustainable future for all,” he added.

According to the statement, Xanh SM Laos embraces the customer-centric approach of its Vietnamese counterpart and pledges to provide eco-friendly transportation services.

The company commits to providing customers with 100 percent pure electric vehicles and five-star service standards including premium vehicle quality, and a dedicated team of professional drivers that contribute to enhancing the standard of passenger transportation services in the “Land of a Million Elephants”.

Starting from November 9, 2023, residents of Vientiane and international tourists visiting Laos will have a convenient way to book taxi services through the Xanh SM Laos application.

This application can be easily downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

In addition, customers will still have the option to hail taxis directly from the streets.

Every trip’s route and fare information will be made transparently available to ensure clarity and convenience.

It is noted that Xanh SM Laos is planning to expand its operations throughout the country and is expected to create thousands of new job opportunities for local residents.

These opportunities offer attractive career development prospects and come without requiring initial capital investment while providing optimal income and professional training.

In particular, Green SM drivers will be oriented to become “green ambassadors” that directly connect the brand with customers and contribute to enhancing Laos’ eco-friendly image.

In addition to providing high-quality, zero-emission transportation services, GSM aims to stimulate the widespread of electric vehicles by developing a green mobility services ecosystem.

This includes electric vehicle leases, and advanced services such as package car rental, travel, and personalized car rental.

By adopting this holistic approach, GSM works towards leveraging the overall experience of green transportation and making electric mobility accessible to everyone.

In April 2023, GSM was established and launched in Vietnam as a multi-platform green transportation model. It operates with a fleet of 100 percent electric vehicles.

Within just six months of its operation, GSM has experienced extraordinary growth, providing over 6 million rides, and earning high compliments from both ultimate consumers and transportation companies.

GSM said the firm is set to expand quickly to other Southeast Asian countries following its success in Laos.

It said the company’s ability to offer its ride-hailing services through multiple platforms – including the app, call center, and on-the-road bookings – provides it with a significant competitive advantage both regionally and internationally.

It said these core competencies will be crucial as GSM pursues its “Go Green Global” strategy, charting a course to become the one of fastest-growing international ride-hailing service providers in the region.

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