Compawnion, an Indonesian pet food company, has secured a new funding led by East Ventures, a sector-agnostic venture capital firm in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Compawnion said in a statement that the fund will be allocated to accelerate their distribution, research and development initiatives, broaden the company’s product portfolio, and effectively reach a larger demographic of pet owners who are looking for more health-conscious and sustainable choices for their beloved companions.

Compawnion is set to diversify its product portfolio by entering the cat food market in 2024.

The dedicated team is currently involved in extensive market research and dynamic product development, positioning the company for a promising expansion into this thriving segment.

“With East Ventures’ invaluable support, we are well-positioned to seize the significant opportunities within Indonesia’s mass and thriving pet food market,

“We are passionate about delivering our mission to offer ease of mind for pet ‘pawrents’ by providing a wholesome and fresh diet for pets,” said Stephani Herman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Compawnion.

Compawnion was founded in 2020 by Stephani Herman (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer), Tania Suganda (Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer), Valerie Amintohir (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer).

These co-founders combine their expertise in canine nutrition, trade marketing, business strategy, and branding.

Stephani brings five years of business development and trade marketing experience in P&G, while Tania Suganda has five years of creative and product marketing expertise in EMTEK group. Valerie Amintohir is the first Certified Advanced in Indonesia.

They realized that the pet food market in Indonesia has experienced a surge in popularity due to the growing trend of pet humanization in Indonesia – pets are viewed as family members rather than just animals.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the increase in pet ownership, with many people seeking companionship during lockdowns.

It has increased demand for pet-related products, including healthy and fresh dog food.

These combined factors have reshaped the pet food market as pet owners now prioritize their pets’ well-being as an integral part of their families.

Compawnion is dedicated to establishing a comprehensive pet ecosystem in Indonesia so pet owners can have healthy and quality furry members.

The company began its journey with its first brand, Pawmeals, which is a freshly natural and nutritious frozen cooked dog food.

This high-quality and balanced dog food has been distributed to 13 cities throughout Indonesia and achieved remarkable profit growth of more than 10x.

Building on this success, Compawnion is now introducing UGO, a new brand designed for customers seeking convenient, nutritious, and appetizing daily dog food options.

UGO stands out as the pioneer of its kind in Indonesia, offering the first-ever fresh, preservative-free, and shelf-stable dog food.

This innovation has sparked significant interest, capturing customers’ attention during its debut at Indonesia International Pet Expo 2023, the largest pet expo in Indonesia.

“At Compawnion, we’re committed to providing a new standard in pet nutrition because we believe our beloved pets deserve nothing less,

“We create wholesome fresh diets for pets to promote a healthier, happier life, prioritizing their well-being and happiness above all else,” said Valerie Amintohir, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Compawnion.

Wesley Tay, Principal at East Ventures, said that as the pet industry continues to grow and evolve, Compawnion’s dedication to quality, innovation, and pet well-being stands out.

“We are glad to welcome Compawnion into East Ventures’ ecosystem,

“We believe Stephanie, Tania, and Valerie will break new ground and set new standards in the pet food and wellness industry and we are excited to work with them to do so,” he added.

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