Editor’s note: TNGlobal‘s reporter attended the Tuya Innovation Roundtable (Asia Pacific) in Bangkok, Thailand. (sponsored)

Tuya Smart, a China-headquartered global Internet of Things (IoT) developer service provider, has announced its business partnership with Thailand’s communication terminal products supplier T3 Technology and Thailand-based conglomerate SCG to develop smart living solutions together to serve the rising demand in Thailand under the “Connected Technology, Connecting the Opportunities” concept.

This partnership, including others from both public and private sectors in Thailand and China, also aims to push forward the country’s digital economy and creative economy to attract Chinese companies to establish smart device manufacturing in Thailand to create more jobs for young generation and promote the export of Thai ‘craft tech’ to other countries by targeting China as the first destination, according to a statement on Wednesday.

Tuya Smart Vice-president of marketing and strategic cooperation, and Chief Marketing Officer Eva Na delivered the opening remarks for the event. She said, “We are very grateful to the media representatives, SCG, and T3 Technology for their support of this event, allowing us to come together to explore the path of IoT transformation in Thailand and the entire Asia-Pacific region. In the future, Tuya Smart will innovate hand-in-hand with global developers, enabling IoT applications to be implemented across all scenarios, providing consumers around the world with a better and smarter living experience.”

Apirut Vancha-am, Chief Digital Officer of SCG, said that this partnership would fuel the growth of the Thai smart home market in every sector including enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs and Thai startups. SCG aims to leverage its technology and innovation to deliver a better quality of life to Thai people.

Kevin Guo, Deputy CEO of T3 Technology, cited that this partnership has applied its “Own the Household” concept which is a network-centric smart-home eco-system, T3 keeps leading on the WiFi technology, and also keep developing innovative smart scenario integrated with the home network in the smart living sector. It believes that its technology will be a key factor in enhancing Smart-Home automation by enabling real-time data processing at its full efficiency. Hence, the development of a fast and complete network infrastructure is necessary as it will make the IoT Smart Home Ecosystem work smoothly.

Meanwhile, the partnership also receives support from others including the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), King Mongkut’s University of Technology, The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), the Thai IoT Association, Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd, and a well-known IT influencer Cee Chatpawee Trichachawanwong. They hope to enhance the potential of the digital industry and move Thailand’s digital economy and creative economy forward in two dimensions, which are:

– Inbound. It aims to attract Chinese entrepreneurs to invest and set up smart-device productions in Thailand. This goes in line with the government’s policy to build Thailand Digital Valley.

– Outbound. It expects to grow the Thai smart home market by promoting Thai designers’ digital craft technology to add more value and give them more opportunities to export to other countries, starting from exporting to China.

“Smart-home is a global mega-trend as it enhances many aspects of life for residents. SCG has just launched a smart-home solution under the brand “mind” emphasizing on four key value propositions – Feeling, Caring, Well-being and Saving. mind is compatible with Tuya platform and offers full services from SCG to serve those who want the benefits of smart home but not necessarily want to deal with the technology. We are confident that the synergies between all of our partners joining this event will benefit the nation in many aspects,” said Apirut.

The Tuya Innovation Roundtable (Asia Pacific) on Wednesday also came after Tuya Smart, which has primary listings in both New York and Hong Kong, announced a partnership agreement with SCG in August. The event also includes presentations by all three companies, a panel discussion and interview sessions. Media representatives were also given the opportunity to experience “mind” smart home solutions and some other IoT products and services developed by SCG.

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