Cera, a United States stock trading platform backed by Y Combinator, in partnership with Fireblocks, announced its Beta launch, allowing Filipinos and anyone anywhere in the world to invest in US stocks using stablecoins.

Cera said in a statement on Wednesday that it enables users to invest in US stocks using stablecoins such as USD Coin, Tether (USDT), and Binance USD.

According to the statement, each of these coins is pegged to a value of $1, ensuring stability and eliminating the hassle of complex account setups and international transactions.

It said users are now able to buy and trade a wide range of stocks, including energy companies, healthcare providers, and tech giants such as Tesla Inc. (TSLA), Apple Inc. (AAPL), and Microsoft Corporation (MSFT).

“Cera is revolutionizing the entryway to the US stock market through a seamless deposit, purchase, and trade process,

“Our core values of stability, transparency, and accessibility ensure that diverse global communities including Filipinos can confidently engage with the market,” Cera’s Product Lead Daniel Phan said.

Cera’s platform makes the US stock market accessible as it allows investing as little as $2.

The platform supports investments in fractional shares, offering increased flexibility to users.

“We aspire to empower anyone in the world with global investment opportunities, emphasizing ease and user fund security,

“Our partnership with Fireblocks ensures that our users always have control over their investments,” Phan said.

Founded in 2022, Cera is a stock trading platform that takes deposits via stablecoins.

The firm believes in the convenience and global accessibility of stablecoins, and aims to provide everyone in the world an equal opportunity to grow their wealth, starting with investing in the US stock market.

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