NTT Ltd, a Japan-based information technology (IT) infrastructure and services company, has launched its new data center in Malaysia with an investment of over MYR 234 million ($50 million).

In a joint statement on Tuesday, NTT and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) said that NTT through its subsidiary NTT Global Data Centers Corporation has announced the launch of its new data center in NTT Cyberjaya campus.

They said the facility, aligns with Malaysia’s digital growth vision, aiming for Malaysia to be an ‘Asian Digital Tiger’ by 2025.

Cyberjaya 6 (CBJ6), the sixth data center on NTT’s campus, has a critical IT load of 7MW, 4,890m2 of space, two 33kV substations with diverse power reception and advanced cooling wall technology to maintain a stable environment for high density racks up to 15kW.

CBJ6 complements the Cyberjaya 5 (CBJ5) Data Center, built in 2021. The combined facility has 20,000m2 of space and a facility load of 22MW.

“NTT’s continuous expansion in Malaysia is a strong testament to the company’s confidence in Malaysia’s capability as a data center hub in the regions,” said Arham Abdul Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of the MIDA.

“Aligned with the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 (NIMP 2030), MIDA will continue to attract strategic high-tech projects that will position Malaysia as a digitally connected nation, characterised by extensive and reliable digital infrastructure,” he said.

He also Asia’s rapid growth, amid economic uncertainty in developed economies, has led multinational companies to increase digital investments to support their expanding businesses in the region.

“Malaysia has garnered a strong reputation in the global data center sector, particularly in the Southeast Asia region,” he added.

Cited the “Malaysia – Data Center Market 2023-2027” report published by Technavio, he said the country’s projected data center market size is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.15 percent between 2022 and 2027 and is forecast to increase by 2.91 billion.

Takeshi Kimura, Managing Director of NTT Global Data Centers Holding Asia, said that after enduring several years of the pandemic, companies worldwide are now swiftly moving to make up for lost time.

“Particularly in Southeast Asia, many hyperscalers are keenly interested in establishing a robust IT platform,

“They recognise that by selecting NTT as their partner—a company with longstanding responsibility for managing networks, submarine cables, and data centers in Asia, they can address many challenges and drive their business effectively,” he said.

Ho Yee Chung, Managing Director of NTT Global Data Centers Malaysia, also said that over the past two decades, NTT Cyberjaya campus has evolved in sync with Malaysia’s digital growth.

“NTT Global Data Centers Malaysia proudly maintains 24/7 high availability, thanks to our skilled team of 60 engineers and operators,

“With CBJ6’s launch, we believe we’re the prime provider of data center services, offering modern facilities and expertise that the hyperscalers in Malaysia need,” he added.

Doug Adams, Chief Executive Officer and President of NTT Global Data Centers and Submarine Cable, said that NTT’s expansion in Cyberjaya demonstrates the firm’s consistent capacity expansion in existing and new data center markets.

“The five Cyberjaya data centers have already empowered hyperscale enterprises, and with this new site, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering reliable infrastructure that can support the demands of our clients’ digital transformation ambitions in Southeast Asia,

“With their demand involving the acceleration of generative artificial intelligence (AI), our data center capacity (including planned) will soon reach 2,000 MW worldwide,” he added.

According to the statement, the soon-to-commence submarine cable MIST, constructed by NTT as one of the shareholders, is poised to revolutionise connectivity at the NTT Cyberjaya Data Center, elevating Malaysia’s global network connectivity and contributing to sustainable socio-economic growth.

Spanning an impressive 8,100 km, it will seamlessly connect Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Thailand, boasting a 12-fiber pair capacity capable of transmitting over 200 TBPS of data.

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