Green SM, the pure electric vehicle ride-hailing service of Vietnam’s Green and Smart Mobility JSC. (GSM) announced last Friday that it has reached the 6 millionth ride after only five months of its market launch.

Green SM said in a statement that this is a significant growth rate, firmly demonstrating the development potential as well as the solid foothold of Green SM in the field of passenger transport in Vietnam.

Green SM officially launched its pure-electric ride-hailing service on 14 April 2023 and has rolled out its electric taxi service in 17 provinces and cities across the country, reaching 6 million rides.

By the end of 2023, Green SM plans to expand its fleet size to 30,000 electric taxis and 90,000 electric scooters, affirming its pioneering position and aspiration to extend the green journey
across 27 provinces and cities in Vietnam and three Southeast Asian countries.

With a fleet of 100 percent pure electric vehicles from VinFast, Green SM said it has accompanied customers for 35 million kilometers with zero emissions and noise, contributing to reducing the carbon emissions equivalent to 1 million trees photosynthesizing in 100 days.

Additionally, Green SM is also contributing VND 1,000 ($0.041) per electric taxi trip and VND 100 ($0.0041) per electric motorbike trip to the “For Green Future” Foundation, established by Vingroup.

To date, Green SM has contributed nearly VND 4 billion ($164,237) to the Foundation for environmental protection activities and creating a sustainable future in Vietnam.

“The impressive figures we’ve achieved today have affirmed our reputation and position in the green transportation revolution,

“The trust and companionship of the community are the driving forces for Green SM to continue conquering challenges and pursuing sustainable development goals in the future,” said Thanh Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer of GSM.

Green SM said the firm is not only providing “reliable, technological, and smart” transportation solutions, it has also become a “green mobility icon”, contributing to changing public transportation and raising community awareness of environmental protection in Vietnam and in the region.

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