Valentino Rossi’s company VR46 Metaverse, Hong Kong-based gaming firm Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Gravitaslabs have joined forces to build innovative Web3 experiences for motorsport enthusiasts.

Animoca Brands said in a statement that VR46 Metaverse has announced a partnership with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs to jointly explore innovative gaming and Web3 activations across metaverse platforms.

This includes a brand new motorsport experience called “ValeVerse” on The Sandbox, in a roadmap that also includes the launch of digital collectibles and other immersive experiences for motorsports enthusiasts.

In ValeVerse, players will test their abilities and skills by facing a series of quests for the opportunity to collect rewards.

The associated ValeVerse Pass will grant owners access to exclusive benefits, including raffles for signed merch, race tickets, and an exclusive meet-and-greet with Valentino Rossi.

ValeVerse’s official collection of assets on The Sandbox will also include digital items – ranging from iconic bikes to avatars – allowing users to express their passion for the sport, be inspired, and even create their own gaming experiences.

ValeVerse’s experience and official collection on The Sandbox mark the first step of a long-term vision in which VR46 Metaverse, Animoca Brands, and Gravitaslabs will drive the strategy and creation of digital assets and metaverse games across the automotive and motorsports segments, and create opportunities for new collaborations across Animoca Brands’ sizeable ecosystem.

VR46 Metaverse’s goal is to increase existing activations to other Web3 and metaverse platforms, including the exclusive collection with the world-famous artist Mad Dog Jones and the Roblox gaming experience “Moto Island”.

“We are thrilled to partner with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs to jointly launch this exciting project to further extend the fandom of VR46 Metaverse experiences across other Web3 and metaverse platforms, and we are excited to offer fans new levels of connection and engagement with our world,” said Jean Claude Ghinozzi, Chief Executive Officer of VR46 Metaverse.

Meanwhile, Valentino Rossi said that this partnership will further expand the range of experiences that VR46 Metaverse offers the motorsport community, enhancing the connection with fans all around the world.

Animoca Brands Commercial Strategy Vice President Will Griffiths, on the other hand, said that the firm is pleased to work with Valentino Rossi, VR46 Metaverse, and Gravitaslabs to bring this racing legend to life in the metaverse across multiple activations.

“There will be many ways we can create wondrous experiences for Valentino to connect with fans all over the world,” he said

Gravitaslabs Chief Executive Officer Chris Lewis also said that eh partnership with Valentino Rossi’s VR46 Metaverse will bring a new level of fan engagement and Web3-oriented experiences to one of the world’s most well-known motorsports legends.

“There will be nearly endless opportunities for fans of motorsport, Valentino, and VR46’s other riders, to be more connected and even be rewarded by their engagement in Web3, and we’re incredibly excited to start this collaboration,” he said.

VR46 Metaverse is a company dedicated to developing the VR46 brand in the gaming industry and Web3 environment.

The firm creates unique content and experiences for fans of Valentino Rossi and motorsport enthusiasts all around the world.

Founded in 2022, the company is a joint venture between the 9-time motorcycle world champion and The Hundred Media Holding.

Gravitaslabs works with partners to define and execute their Web3 strategies, in many cases, helping them build entirely new lines of business derived via the Web3 paradigm.

From creating and deploying branded custom virtual worlds to building brands’ presence inside The Sandbox and other metaverse platforms, Gravitaslabs serves companies across automotive, sports, and fashion.

Animoca Brands is a Web3 leader that leverages blockchain to deliver digital property rights to consumers around the world to help to establish the open metaverse.

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