Indonesia-based automotive aftermarket startup Otoklix reported positive annual growth metrics with imminent profitability and unveiled a plan to play a central role in the nation’s upcoming electric vehicle infrastructure overhaul.

Founded in 2019, Otoklix aims to revolutionize Indonesia’s automotive aftermarket, a sector traditionally characterized by fragmentation and inefficiency. In the past two years, the tech startup has reported a 2x topline growth year-over-year and double-digit positive growth in unit economics, further outpacing its topline growth and taking the company to profitability within 12 months, Otoklix said in a statement on Friday.

Indonesia’s automotive aftermarket is one of the largest in Southeast Asia, currently estimated by Otoklix to already be worth around $16 billion. But despite tremendous growth, the industry remains rife with friction on multiple fronts, the company said.

In Indonesia, servicing and fixing cars has long been a cumbersome process. While authorized dealers are burdened with high costs and long waiting times, the independent workshop sector, which controls 80 percent of the market, has been plagued by issues such as fraud risk, lack of standardization, and poor after-sales service. Notably, many of these independent workshops still rely on pen-and-paper methods for transaction management, stifling their own growth and profitability.

With early backing from AC Ventures, Otoklix has stepped in to address these issues head-on. For vehicle owners, the platform offers an easier, more standardized, and transparent process for vehicle maintenance. Users can discover and access services at recommended independent workshops nearby and receive warranties for transactions at these Otoklix-partnered locations.

For the workshops themselves, Otoklix provides customer relationship management and supply chain management software solutions designed to increase topline revenue, margin, and operational efficiency.

Otoklix has disclosed that it will reach profitability within a year’s time. Its financial fundamentals are a testament to the company’s efficacious business model and the high demand for its services in the market, it added.

As for future initiatives, among the plans include opening its own workshops to increase margins. The company is also exploring business-to-business solutions, already working closely with corporate clients such as the nation’s state-owned Telkom Group.

On the tech side, a proprietary AI stack is under development, aimed at automating data processes and diagnostics for better efficiency in workshops. Otoklix is also gearing up to be a first-mover in Indonesia’s electric vehicle aftermarket, with a focus on outfitting and educating workshop teams to service electric motorbikes.

The startup has also entered into a strategic partnership with Indonesia’s state-owned oil and natural gas corporation Pertamina to reestablish the Bright Olimart service chains across Pertamina Petrol Stations.

This partnership is poised to further expand Otoklix’s reach while adding an additional layer of convenience and assurance for vehicle owners nationwide.

Otoklix Co-founder and CEO Martin Reyhan Suryohusudo said, “In just two years, Otoklix has seen a 2x multiple on topline growth year-over-year, and the data doesn’t lie—there’s enormous, untapped potential in Indonesia’s automotive aftermarket. As the sector grapples with challenges like lack of standardization and inefficiencies, we view these not as obstacles, but as opportunities. Opportunities to bring transformative digital solutions that not only make vehicle maintenance a seamless experience for owners but also drive operational excellence for independent workshops.”

“Our double-digit percentage in positive unit economics also indicates that we are on the right path, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. As we approach profitability, we’re gearing up to capture a larger share of this market and set new industry standards, making Otoklix synonymous with automotive care in Indonesia,” he added.

With early investment from AC Ventures, Otoklix is an Indonesia-based, online-to-offline company that aims to bridge the gap between automotive owners and Indonesia’s fragmented independent car workshop sector. It transforms the vehicle maintenance experience for consumers and equips workshops with business software solutions and procurement savings.

Indonesian O2O automotive startup Otoklix raises $10M Series A funding co-led by Alpha JWC Ventures and AC Ventures