Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has invested in Pendle Finance, a DeFi protocol that enables the tokenization and trading of yield.

The investment emphasizes Binance Labs’ commitment to supporting promising projects that will shape the next generation of DeFi primitives, and enable Pendle Finance to extend their reach across various blockchain ecosystems, providing both retail and institutional users with inclusive access to DeFi yield opportunities, Binance Labs said in a statement on Wednesday.

With a special focus on inclusivity, Pendle Finance has developed a variety of features that delivers greater flexibility for yield management through an intuitive platform.

Fixed yield, which is traditionally the backbone of institutional hedging, will play a pivotal role in the project’s growth, unlocking access to more deterministic yields that will allow users to optimize accordingly.

“Binace Labs is always looking for projects that are spearheading innovation in DeFi sectors that will enable access to a wider audience,

“Pendle Finance’s focus on multi-chain expansion and innovative yield strategies align with our vision for the future of DeFi. We look forward to working closely with Pendle Finance and supporting their journey of reshaping the DeFi landscape towards a more inclusive ecosystem,” said Yi He, Co-Founder and Head of Binance Labs.

Presently, Pendle Finance supports 25 different pools spanning three prominent blockchain networks: Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain.

Notably, a significant portion of these pools are Liquid Staking Derivative (LSD) pools that offer users novel ways to engage with staking rewards.

Pendle Finance aims to further expand its presence across numerous ecosystems, growing and leading the LSDfi economy with these efforts.

“We at Pendle are on a mission to redefine how yield generation is experienced by users. Our collaboration with Binance Labs brings unparalleled expertise and resources that will catalyze our growth, ultimately driving accessibility and usability of yield opportunities across numerous venues,

“We are excited to embark on this journey together, propelling DeFi into a new era of inclusivity and innovation,” said TN, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pendle Finance.

Pendle Finance is a decentralized protocol that enables the tokenization and trading of future yield.

As a yield derivative protocol, the firm is bringing the TradFi interest derivative market into DeFi, making it accessible to all.

Pendle Finance helps unlock the full potential of yield, enabling users to execute advanced yield strategies such as fixed yield and long yield.

As the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, Binance Labs has now grown to be worth over $9 billion.

Its portfolio covers 200 projects from over 25 countries across six continents and has a return on investment rate of over 10 times.

Fifty of Binance Labs’ portfolio companies are projects that have gone through its incubation programs.

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