Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou’s fashion label PHANTACi is entering a revolutionary partnership with Highstreet, the MMORPG and retail-focused metaverse, unveiling a unique region within Highstreet World called “PHANTACi Peninsula.”

The duo said in a statement on Wednesday that this exclusive metaverse intends to provide fans with an innovative, interactive experience, acting as a testament to their enduring support of PHANTACi and its successful PhantaBear non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

PHANTACi Peninsula is a reimagined interpretation of the brand’s essence in the Web3 realm, inviting visitors to explore a captivating universe teeming with enchantment, nostalgia, and adventure.

At the heart of Solera, a bustling metropolis in Highstreet World, PHANTACi Peninsula offers immersive brand experiences that seamlessly incorporate diverse elements inspired by the life and famous works of PHANTACi’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Jay Chou, from magical realms to street basketball scenes and romantic environments.

PHANTACi Co-Founder Ric Chiang said the partnership with Highstreet aims to create an immersive experience for their fans that not only showcases their brand but also highlights their love for music, entertainment, and culture.

“With PHANTACi Peninsula, we aim to offer a world of nostalgia and adventure where every visitor can explore, discover, and create their own stories,” he said.

PhantaBear NFTs marked PHANTACi’s initial metaverse foray last year, when 10,000 PhantaBears NFTs were released, selling out in less than 40 minutes.

According to the statement, PHANTACi and Highstreet are trailblazers, integrating phygital products and experiences within the metaverse, and introducing limited edition apparel and collectibles to both virtual and real-world spaces.

“Our aim is to break down the conventional boundaries between retail and the narratives we weave through our fabric,” said Jenny Guo, Co-Founder of Highstreet.

“By blending fabric and code, we’re creating an immersive universe where our products become a tangible part of the stories we’re crafting,

“We want to ensure that anyone who supports PHANTACi is able to experience the brand in a cutting-edge way,” she said.

From a romantic date at the PHP Café to exclusive shopping at PHANTACi Shoebox — the label’s flagship store — PHANTACi Peninsula provides a unique setting for all visitors.

Limited edition items and special discounts for PhantaBear holders amplify the exclusivity of the shopping experience.

PHANTACi Peninsula is indeed a new chapter in PHANTACi’s narrative, making shopping more engaging and interactive than ever.

PHANTACi Peninsula will also feature a unique metaverse attraction: A time travel experience dedicated to Jay Chou.

Inspired by classic boat rides from amusement parks, this innovative experience guides visitors on a virtual river journey, on board a piano-decked boat, across different epochs of Jay Chou’s illustrious career.

The attraction uniquely blends music and virtual reality, featuring iconic songs such as “Secret” (2007) to portray a cinema worthy experience.

Through this immersive journey, PHANTACi Peninsula is inviting fans and curious explorers alike to traverse the diverse musical landscape of Jay Chou in a whole new, exciting way.

PHANTACi Peninsula, the latest addition to Highstreet World, is PHANTACi’s dedicated region that integrates music, culture, and magic, promising unique shopping experiences and rewarding activities.

The Highstreet and PHANTACi teams are collaborating to design homes within PHANTACi Peninsula, which will be sold through an Initial Home Offering (IHO).

The PHANTACi Peninsula Initial Home Offering (IHO) is in line with previous IHOs within Highstreet World, including the immensely successful Solarium IHO which saw a trading volume of $9 million.

Located in Highstreet City, The Solarium offered luxury homes providing players with additional inventory space, and a platform to earn rewards.

“Highstreet is excited to see the reactions from the community when the PHANTACi Peninsula is open to the public,” said Flora Fang, Chief Operating Officer of Highstreet.

“It’s a magical part of the open metaverse with a range of nostalgic and fun pursuits,

“Also, visitors and residents will have the chance to take part in community activities and engage with the PHANTACi brand in the future, so the Highstreet World Metaverse will be an important place where fans will have opportunities to get the first glimpse of new developments by both PHANTACi and Highstreet,” she said.

Meanwhile, the teams at Highstreet and PHANTACi have collaborated to create the PHANTACi Peninsula Initial Home Offering (IHO), a unique integration of residential offerings and immersive experiences where art, music, and culture intersect.

With PHANTACi Castle as the centerpiece, the IHO will present a unique shopping experience and engaging activities inside the homes.

As a novel aspect of this co-design, homeowners will gain privileged access to a dedicated shopping district, establishing a truly immersive community within the culture of PHANTACi Peninsula.

Fashion icon Jay Chou and his friend Ric Chiang founded PHANTACi in 2006.

Located in central Taipei, PHANTACi provides the customers with edgy fashion choices and lifestyle inspiration, encouraging them to pursue their own style.

Committed to expanding the brand, PHANTACi is actively collaborating with well-known brands in different fields to present more interesting ideas to consumers.

In addition to PHANTACi’s products, each directly operated store selects a number of top brands to cooperate with.

The PHANTACi flagship store initiates more partnerships to carry out limited promotional activities which cause an upsurge and widespread response through those exclusive activities.

PhantaBear is the first NFT collection from streetwear brand PHANTACi.

The PhantaBear collection includes 10,000 bear-themed NFT items.

The PhantaBear signature look includes the pink sunglasses, with a low-key personality.

Each unique PhantaBear is part of the PHANTACi community and provide many online to offline benefits allowing PhantaBear holders to enjoy life inside and outside the virtual world.

Highstreet is a commerce-centered metaverse integrating shopping with gaming.

While products from brands bring an endless supply of cosmetics, bridging character customizations with real world fashion, an MMORPG backbone further adds utility to them, allowing players to craft unique NFTs to elevate their gameplay.

As Highstreet’s phygital products continue to gain traction both online through e-commerce storefronts like Shopify and offline through various department stores around the world, Highstreet World continues to grow through land sales to brand partners; accumulating new stories to be discovered and shared by players around the world.

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