Disprz, an India-based enterprise software as a service (SaaS) learning & skilling platform, announced Monday that it has raised $30 million in its Series C funding round.

The round was led by Lumos Capital Group and 360 ONE Asset (IIFL) with participation from Kae Capital, KOIS and Dallas Venture Capital, Disprz said in a statement.

According to the statement, the funds raised in the round will be utilized for global market expansion and product development, including the integration of generative AI across the learning and skilling cycle.

Disprz plans to deepen its presence in emerging markets where it already operates, including India, The Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Additionally, the company aims to expand into the United States market.

The funding will also fuel investment into the next wave of innovation powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive sciences, enabling personalized content creation, content discovery, and skills intelligence and helping organizations make the shift to skill-based talent management.

Disprz will also use the funds to expand its global team, hire data scientists, and skill scientists, and software engineers to shape the future of people advancement and people intelligence, including further investments in Generative AI capabilities.

The company also plans to accelerate its success in the markets it operates in through bigger and localized go-to-market teams, building brand awareness in the new era of skill-based talent management.

In addition to market expansion and product development, Disprz aims to form strategic partnerships and make strategic acquisitions.

The company plans to partner with the broader learning and people-tech ecosystem, including human capital management (HCM) players, people reward platforms, learning content players, assessment players as well as global human resource (HR) consulting companies.

“With an expansive footprint of over 2.8 million users and a customer base spanning nearly 350 organizations, Disprz has established its presence in every continent,

“With this funding, our focus extends to some of the world’s fastest-growing markets, including India, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and the United States,” said Kuljit Chadha, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Disprz.

According to him, Disprz is strategically positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for innovative, scalable learning and skilling solutions.

“We will further cultivate strong partnerships and build an extensive ecosystem of content, assessments, resellers, and consulting partners globally to meet the unique talent advancement needs of every organization,” he said.

Looking ahead, Disprz said it envisions itself as a people intelligence suite of a global scale, extending beyond employee skilling to back every stage in an employee’s lifecycle.

The company aims to empower organizations worldwide to advance their workforce potential through skills, data and personalization.

“With the world ready to be disrupted by generative AI and with organizations increasingly realizing that upskilling and reskilling are not the mandate of just HR but every function, we are ready to steer towards becoming India’s first centaur (profitable $100 million company) in our platform category in the next four to five years,” said Subbu Viswanathan, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Disprz.

Since its inception in 2015, Disprz has witnessed remarkable growth.

The company has established its presence serving nearly 350 organizations, 2.8 million users.

“Disprz provides the rare combination of breadth in product with their learning management system, learning experience platform, and frontline enablement offerings, to meet a spectrum of customer needs and also a depth of product quality to ensure it’s serving customers with the highest level of product innovation,

“Disprz is uniquely positioned in the large corporate learning segment, having demonstrated leadership in markets in Asia and the Middle East with a multifaceted quality product that can compete globally,” said Rohan Wadhwa, Managing Director of Lumos Capital Group.

Meanwhile, 360 ONE Asset (IIFL) Fund Manager Karan Ahuja said that Disprz truly enables organizations to scale and deliver customized learning solutions for employees while linking them to business outcomes.

Dallas Venture Capital Partner Gokul Dixit, on the other hand, said that Disprz has matured as an organization and focused on the right priorities at the right time.

“Today, Disprz is a global organization, yet nimble and continually innovating. This sets them up very well for attracting top-tier talent and maintaining their revenue growth momentum,

“We are confident that Disprz will make a mark in the global domain of enterprise skilling,” he said.

Kae Capital Partner Gaurav Chaturvedi also said Disprz is leading the way with their pioneering vision to carve out an exclusive category within the global learning and skilling space.

“We take pride in our longstanding partnership with Disprz and have invested in their growth journey in every round since our initial participation,” he said.

KOIS Principal Rumen Barjatya also said Disprz’s AI-driven digital skill stack leads global solutions, empowering companies to create impactful skilling pathways.

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