HD, the healthcare and surgery marketplace based in Thailand, has announced a significant investment from FEBE Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm based in Vietnam.

HD said in a statement on Tuesday that this strategic partnership further strengthens HD’s position as the go-to platform for accessible and affordable healthcare services and elective surgeries in the Southeast Asia region.

According to the statement, the investment from FEBE Ventures will enable HD to expand its reach and deepen its market presence in emerging Southeast Asia.

With increasing demand for accessible and quality healthcare services, HD said it is well-positioned to deliver enhanced healthcare experiences to individuals across the region.

HD, which operates the HDmall platform in Thailand and Indonesia, has experienced remarkable growth since successfully raising $6 million in funding in January and launching HDcare, its new innovative elective surgery product.

HDcare works with healthcare providers – many already on the HDmall platform – to increase utilization of hospitals’ and clinics’ operating room capacities.

With low utilization rates across private hospital infrastructure, this ‘Airbnb for Surgeries’ solution enables HD to help both healthcare providers as well as patients.

Since its launch in November 2022, patient demand for HDcare has grown 30 times.

With profitability in sight by the end of this year, HD said it continues to establish itself as a leader in the market.

“We are thrilled to partner with FEBE Ventures, a prominent Southeast Asian venture capital firm with deep insights into the Vietnamese market,” said Sheji Ho, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of HD.

According to him, FEBE’s network and market expertise will accelerate the firm’s expansion into Vietnam, a country with a population of 100 million and a healthcare ecosystem that aligns with our healthcare marketplace and surgery solutions.

According to the statement, FEBE Ventures recognizes HD’s rapid growth and the success of its new HDcare elective surgeries business model.

“We see similarities between the healthcare systems in HD’s current markets and Vietnam,

“We strongly believe that HD’s team can bring better access to affordable healthcare and surgeries to Vietnam,” said Olivier Raussin, Co-founder and Managing Partner at FEBE Ventures.

HD was founded in 2019 by a team of passionate and dedicated individuals with a shared healthcare vision for the future.

The firm is a healthcare and surgery marketplace in emerging Southeast Asia, powering over 1,500 healthcare providers, including some of the largest hospitals.

The platform connects patients to hospitals, clinics, operating rooms, and surgeons while offering healthcare financing solutions to increase access to affordable care and surgeries.

To date, over 250,000 patients have used HD’s platform for more accessible and affordable healthcare.

The health tech recently entered into a strategic partnership with Johnson & Johnson MedTech, aiming to elevate the surgical skills of healthcare providers and surgeons operating on HD’s HDmall and HDcare platforms.

This collaboration will increase patients’ access to high-tech and innovative surgical procedures, improving patient outcomes and quality of life while reducing the cost of healthcare services.

FEBE Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund founded and managed by entrepreneurs.

The firm focuses on supporting and investing in outstanding founders in Vietnam and Southeast Asia at the beginning of their startup journey.

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