Deliveroo and Gojek have on Tuesday announced that they have signed a long-term partnership agreement delivering increased value for users in Singapore and enhancing experiences across both platforms.

As part of the broad partnership, the two companies said in a statement that they will introduce extensive new benefits and drive impactful cross-platform savings for both Deliveroo and Gojek users.

Both companies will also work together on joint initiatives that build customer loyalty and create increased earnings opportunities for driver-partners and delivery-riders across both platforms.

In addition, Deliveroo and Gojek will look to explore other possible areas for deeper alignment and collaboration, including community engagement and sustainability.

Deliveroo and Gojek opined that this partnership is particularly timely in today’s economic climate and in light of rising costs.

As such, in the spirit of the upcoming National Day and beyond, they are continuing their mission to be platforms of good – not just for consumers, but also for their drivers, riders and merchant partners in Singapore.

“As two of the leading providers in on-demand services, joining forces with Deliveroo makes a lot of sense for us,” said Lien Choong Luen, General Manager, Gojek Singapore.

By collaborating across ride-hailing and food delivery services, he opined that this not only able to bring additional value and exciting new benefits to customers, but will also help to provide increased earnings opportunities for our driver-partners.

“Ensuring that they can build a sustainable livelihood on our platform will always be a priority for us, and collaborating with like-minded partners, such as Deliveroo, has an important role to play in helping us to achieve that goal,” he said.

He also said this year-long partnership is just the start, and they look forward to working closely with Deliveroo to drive greater convenience and meet the changing needs of all our users across Singapore.

As part of the partnership, from August 1, users on both platforms can enjoy discounted rides and food each month, plus additional savings and rewards.

“Through this partnership with Gojek, Deliveroo reaffirms its commitment to enhancing offerings to consumers,” said Jason Parke, General Manager, Deliveroo Singapore.

Beyond that, he said the firm will also be able to create greater visibility for Deliveroo merchants to a wider pool of consumers.

“We have identified these synergies with Gojek as we work towards our mutual goal of providing convenience, value and the best service to our partners who keep us fed and get us where we need to go,

“With National Day around the corner, we further celebrate the nation’s milestone by bringing greater value to consumers through convenience and savings, along with wider
contributions towards the daily lives of Singaporeans and the economy,” he added.

According to the statement, co-branded Deliveroo and Gojek voucher packs can also be purchased via the Gojek app offering significant discounts to users.

In addition, corporate customers on both Deliveroo and Gojek can enjoy cross-platform benefits on ride-hailing and food delivery services, bringing greater value and exclusive rewards to GoCorp and Deliveroo for work users.

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