Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has projected a total of 42 high-tech Malaysian companies participated in its recent programs in Indonesia, to generate MYR 250 million ($54.65 million) in digital export.

MDEC said in a statement on last Friday that its recent DEX Connex and FOX Xposure programs, in partnership with KUMPUL, an Indonesian entrepreneur ecosystem builder, aimed to enhance collaborative relationships between hightech companies in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The programs served as a valuable platform for participants to engage, expand their reach, showcase technology companies from Malaysia, and facilitate business growth opportunities towards driving the digital economy in ASEAN.

The programs also witnessed a significant milestone with exchanging of Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) between Malaysian and Indonesian companies.

Malaysian companies include Faszz Technology (M) Sdn Bhd; TRB Ventures Sdn Bhd (MHub); Verofax Asia Sdn Bhd and PT The Lorry Online Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Indonesian partners include PT Envy Tbk; PT. Aksi Visitama (Tada); PT. Marega Kernel Teknologi and PT Mitrausaha Indonesia Grup (Modalku).

The MoU exchanges are to further solidify the collaboration between the two nations.

MDEC Chief Executive Officer Mahadhir Aziz has highlighted the importance of fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing as key drivers for innovation and growth in the digital economy.

Meanwhile, MDEC has recently launched MDEC Horizon Publication, a comprehensive and strategic publication that offers invaluable insights and information on Malaysia’s digital landscape.

The publication serves as the go-to reference for global and local stakeholders seeking reliable data and informed perspectives.

MDEC will also be launching the MDX 2023 in September, an event that celebrates and amplifies all tech events with participations of international and local speakers, and
panelists from reputable organizations which will take place across Malaysia.

Malaysia’s MDEC eyes $230M digital investments by 2025