Singapore-based global design studio XM HoldCo Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries (collectively the XM Group) has announced that it has completed its latest round of fundraising, led by AIOX Apex Angel Fund (AIOX), together with some of its existing institutional shareholders including Heliconia Capital Management Pte Ltd and ICH Capital.

XM Group said in a statement on Wednesday that the firm will work closely with AIOX and other strategic institutional shareholders to leverage its expertise and global network in digital technology and pop culture entertainment to accelerate XM Group’s growth and international expansion.

It said that AIOX’s experience and knowledge in various areas such as blockchain and technology will provide a holistic boost to XM Group.

“We are excited and privileged to have AIOX by our side as majority shareholder and strategic partner of XM Group, to jointly accelerate the next stage of our company’s journey,

“Together, we embark on this transformative chapter fuelled by shared ambitions and infinite possibilities,” said Ben Ang, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of XM Studios.

XM Group is a producer of handcrafted, hand-painted luxury art collectibles.

It is an established player in the global luxury collectibles industry that sells into the United States, Europe, China, and Southeast Asian regions.

As an official licensee of highly sought after intellectual property (IP) licenses, XM Studios has produced collectibles for some of the most recognizable brands in pop culture, including Marvel, DC, Transformers, and iconic Japanese characters such as Ultraman and Godzilla.

With XM Group’s growing portfolio of global IP licenses, it is well-positioned to capitalize on a surging global demand for luxury art collectibles.

“We believe that XM Group has great potential in the global IP market. They have strong capabilities to bring handcrafted, hand-painted luxury art collectibles to greater heights and develop outstanding products for highly discerning customers and loyal collectors alike,

“Hence, it is our intention to invest long term in XM Group and offer our full support.” said Marc Lin, Chairman of AIOX Apex Angel Fund.

AIOX Apex Angel Fund is led and advised by international multi-disciplinary professionals, aiming to be the world’s most influential angel innovation fund.

The team has decades of experience in managing corporation and public listing of corporates in various industries, including real estate, finance, manufacturing, blockchain, energy, biotechnology, marketing technology, sharing economy businesses, etc.

The firm is well-equipped in coaching and assisting new ventures in achieving accelerated growth for their businesses.

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