Indonesia’s coworking space operator GoWork has reported that its business has grown by more than 2 times from pre pandemic levels.

GoWork said in a statement on Monday that the uptick in business is a direct result of its ability to persevere through Covid-19 and its decision to expand its services.

GoWork’s management team says that mid-way through the outbreak, they knew that the traditional working model had changed forever.

Thus, they decided to take swift and decisive action to aggressively focus on corporates and large enterprises.

According to the statement, GoWork now offers “scale-as-a-service” to corporates and large enterprises, many of whom are struggling to adapt to a post-pandemic workforce that demands hybrid work models.

In the past, Indonesia’s large enterprises would often set up a corporate headquarter in Jakarta, then hire talent locally or relocate talent for in-person work.

However, Covid-19 changed this dynamic entirely, as large teams were forced to work from home.

In 2023, with the pandemic now over, the same corporates must now adapt again, said GoWork.

It is noted that GoWork’s new full-stack business to business (B2B) services include helping corporates find and set up satellite offices and operations outside the Jakarta Metro area which enable decentralized team building, accelerated flexibility to scale up and down, and hands-on support across various departments such as human resources, legal, finance, and more.

Pre-pandemic, GoWork’s membership was almost entirely composed of startups, small and medium enterprises, and freelancers.

Today, as a result of the roll-out, 95 percent of its members are professionals working for companies like Deloitte, AirAsia, Pfizer, Nielsen, and others.

While other Indonesian coworking players were forced to conduct mass layoffs or shut down, GoWork said it was able to not only survive, but expand by spotting and focusing on the untapped market opportunity with corporates and large enterprises.

“While providing workspaces will always be an integral part of our business model, the reason we’ve been able to succeed where others have failed is that we’ve undergone a radical transformation to offer a full spectrum of corporate support across satellite cities in Indonesia,

“We are able to thrive in 2023 due to our new highly customized solutions for large companies,” said GoWork Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Vanessa Hendriadi.

According to the statement, GoWork Indonesia has an 85 percent annual client retention rate.

Its notable clients span various sectors, including companies like Creative Capital, Tickled Media, and Ula, as well as governmental bodies like PT Pegadaian, which occupies multiple floors in several GoWork locations across the country.

“We are also collaborating with property owners to revitalize their real estate assets by constructing and managing dynamic workspaces. Our commitment to flexible services is geared to meet our member’s evolving needs,

“Further, our recent launch of a global virtual office solution embodies this commitment, empowering our members to work from any corner of the world,” said Hendriadi.

GoWork is a flexible workspace and service provider to corporates and large enterprises in Indonesia, offering scale-as-a-service solutions to companies that seek to employ and retain decentralized workforces at scale nationwide.

Through flexible and scalable workspaces, tailor-made service deals, and support for business expansion, GoWork aims to foster growth and innovation among the country’s largest companies.

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