Transitry, a Singapore-based climate-tech company, has on Wednesday announced the successful completion of its Pre-Seed funding round, securing a total of $600,000.

Transitry said in a statement that prominent investors, including Info Edge Ventures, Plug & Play, Antler, and angel investors has contributed to the round.

It said that this significant funding infusion propels Transitry to the forefront of the carbon credit economy, reinforcing its position as a leading provider of advanced digital measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) solutions.

With the funding secured, Transitry said it empowers carbon governance and enables access to green finance for successful decarbonization projects.

Looking ahead, Transitry said it is determined to expand its product offerings, drive the widespread adoption of eco-friendly initiatives, and actively pursue additional funding opportunities.

The firm also plans to forge alliances with like-minded organizations and research institutions to drive systemic change and establish a sustainable future.

Transitry Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer emphasized the company’s dual focus on climate impact and financial profitability.

“We are creating a business that holds immense potential for climate impact while maintaining strong financial fundamentals,

“As we raise new funds, our priorities include expanding our team and directing our efforts towards data and risk analytics, generative artificial intelligence (AI) for carbon credit origination, and carbon project management,” he added.

Transitry Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Vishan also said that this funding round marks a significant milestone for the firm as it continues its journey to make a meaningful impact on global climate action.

“With these funds, we are poised to further innovate and expand our climate-tech solutions, empowering organizations to embrace sustainable practices,” he added.

Transitry is a climate-tech company dedicated to providing advanced digital MRV solutions.

By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, the firm enables organizations to significantly improve carbon governance by offering access to green finance, ensuring transparency and traceability in the climate-tech industry.

Its digital MRV platform platform addresses the pressing need for accurate carbon credit tracking, providing stakeholders with verified data for informed decision-making.

Leveraging AI-powered carbon credits and robust application programming interface (API) integration, Transitry streamlines the process for organizations to engage in
impactful carbon projects, reducing risk and enhancing assurance for its primary stakeholders which encompass a wide range of entities, including farm owners (both corporate and smallholder), carbon project developers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs)/farmer producer organizations (FPOs), farm input providers, and financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, carbon registries, auditors, and carbon credit buyers.

“Transitry’s tech-first approach in the MRV space will leapfrog adoption of sustainable agricultural practices for large farms and allow many corporate entities to have visibility into their carbon credit supply chain,

“We believe this is a crucial step to introduce transparency, engender trust in the nature-based carbon credit supply and allow carbon credit buyers to quantify and offset their climate impact,” said Chinmaya Sharma, Partner, Info Edge Ventures.

Antler Southeast Asia Co-Founder and Managing Director Jussi Salovaara said that Transitry’s approach is a clear testament to how technology can play a pivotal role in facilitating sustainable practices and tackling climate change.

“We believe in their potential to become a cornerstone for sustainable progress,” hesaid.

Jielun Ong, Senior Director, Ventures at Plug and Play Asia Pacific (APAC), said that sustainability is a core focus for the firm.

“Transitry is the latest addition to our portfolio for our sustainability vertical in the APAC region, and we look forward to supporting its growth and development in the climate-tech industry,

“Together, Plug and Play and Transitry aim to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future by promoting sustainable technology and innovation,” he added.

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