The United States and Vietnam-based wearables sleep tech firm Earable Neuroscience has announced the completion of the investment process in its bridge round by Samsung Ventures at an undisclosed amount.

This financial investment underscores Samsung Ventures’ commitment to advancing healthcare technology for the future and recognizes the potential of Earable Neuroscience’s FRENZ Brainband as a consumer sleep tech wearable, Earable Neuroscience said in a statement on Wednesday.

Prior to this bridge round, Earable Neuroscience was funded by Founders Fund, Smilegate Investment, 500 Global and others.

Earable shipped the first batch of product to its customers in May 2023.

The company has plans to initiate a Series A fundraising round in the fourth quarter of 2023 to expand its operation, scale up product delivery and expand product portfolio.

“Since day one, our vision has been to make the everyday advantages of neuroscience accessible to everyone. FRENZ holds the key to unleashing human potential, starting with the sleep experience,

“With Samsung Ventures’ extensive ecosystem support, we look forward to providing the best experience to consumers worldwide,” Earable Neuroscience Chief Executive Officer Tam Vu said.

It is noted that Samsung Ventures plans to forge alliances within its global network to support Earable Neuroscience’s global market expansion.

“We recognized the immense potential of FRENZ, with its exceptional core technologies and pioneering status in the sleep tech industry and potential in other cognitive areas,” said Samsung team.

Earable Neuroscience is a deep tech company building a neuroscience ecosystem for everyday life.

The firm has developed FRENZ Brainband, which incorporates cutting-edge neuroscience technology into a consumer wearable to enhance sleep quality, improve focus, and promote relaxation.

The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered FRENZ tracks and stimulates brain activity by delivering real-time personalized audio content through integrated bone conduction speakers.

The core technology was developed by scientists at the University of Colorado in the United States and Oxford University in the United Kingdom, with 15 global patents.

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