WORQ, a Malaysia-based coworking and flexible space provider, said Monday it is on track to double its total space under management to 200,000 square feet by the end of 2023.

Its Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Ping said in a statement that building on the strength of the firm’s proven business model, WORQ is steadily progressing with its expansion strategy.

With its current asset-light strategy, WORQ said it has established successful partnerships with real estate firms to repurpose underutilized office spaces into their distinctive coworking solutions equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and a comprehensive platform offering a range of supplementary services for enterprise, small and medium-size enterprise (SME) and startup clients.

It is noted that since its inception in 2017, WORQ has successfully launched six new outlets and maintained profitability even during the challenging pandemic period.

Meanwhile, the firm has on Monday launched WORQ Express on Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia, a revolutionary mobility solution that enables professionals and digital nomads to work flexibly from anywhere, by reducing commuting time and boosting productivity.

According to WORQ, this collaboration with Alunan Perhentian Sdn Bhd (Alunan Resort) signifies its dedication to transforming the coworking landscape by offering self service workspaces and meeting rooms to cater to the evolving needs of remote workers.

The collaboration also demonstrates WORQ’s unique strength in partnering with property developers to transform and unlock the potential of underutilized spaces across various property types, including hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and residences.

WORQ said the firm has ambitious plans to extend the convenience and flexibility of WORQ Express to multiple locations across Malaysia.

With a strategic focus on untapped markets, WORQ aims to establish WORQ Express in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, train stations and airports, providing professionals with accessible and flexible workspace options.

WORQ said the firm is committed to creating an extensive network of workspaces that redefine the concept of work, empowering individuals to be productive wherever they may be.

Being the brand’s first outlet outside of central Malaysia, this coworking space in partnership with Alunan Resort, occupies two rooms, with a meeting room and a hot desk area that operates 24/7.

Guests can easily utilize the space on-demand, with a unique access code generated upon booking through WORQ’s system.

Ping said the launch of WORQ Express at Alunan Resort signifying the firm’s foray into reutilizing and unlocking the potential value of spaces across various property types.

With WORQ Express, she said the firm is introducing mobility solutions that not only reduce commute time but also enhance productivity.

Cited a study by Cisco (2022), she said the majority of employees in Malaysia (68.1 percent) reported saving over four hours of commute time per week by embracing hybrid work
arrangements and an overall improvement in productivity by 55.1 percent.

“This is just the beginning, as we have ambitious plans to roll out WORQ Express across Malaysia, empowering individuals to work flexibly and efficiently from anywhere,” she added.

According to the statement, WORQ Express offers workers the ultimate freedom to be productive on the go.

It provides a range of creative and collaborative spaces with high speed internet and meeting room amenities, designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals and digital nomads.

The spaces offer ideal environments for small group meetings or discussions, featuring vibrant and collaborative spaces.

Additionally, quiet zones are available for private work or important virtual meetings, ensuring professionals have a peaceful and productive space to focus on their tasks.

Enhancing work-life balance and overall well-being WORQ Express plays a significant role in fostering work-life balance and enhancing overall well-being for individuals.

With its flexible workspaces accessible from anywhere, WORQ Express enables professionals to prioritize personal activities, resulting in a seamless integration of work and personal life.

Cited Cisco study, WORQ highlighted the positive impact of hybrid working, with 79.3 percent of Malaysian employees experiencing an improvement in their overall well-being and 86.2 percent reporting increased happiness.

“We firmly believe in the concept of a ‘work + meaningful holiday’ experience and our collaboration with WORQ takes it to the next level.” said Sany Ismail, Co-Founder of Alunan Resort.

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