DrPrevents, a provider of preventive healthcare services in Malaysia, is launching its first equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign via MyStartr.

Open from June 20 to July 21, 2023, the campaign aims to secure MYR 4 million ($870,000), with a strategic focus on expanding the implementation of preventive medicine to complement the national public healthcare system, DrPrevents said in a statement.

In line with its collective vision to make community healthcare more readily available, the funds raised via this ECF campaign will primarily be allocated towards opening new clinics.

The clinics will be in operation 24-hours, and will help increase round-the-clock touchpoints for preventive healthcare services in densely populated urban areas.

“The demand for preventive medicine and affordable community clinics are on an incline — especially with more people per square foot in our busiest cities, of which more than 300,000 are outpatients yearly,” said Dr. Vikneswaran Ragupathiraja, Chief Executive Officer of DrPrevents.

According to him, DrPrevents’ goal through this ECF is to support its healthcare system in these strategic locations.

“We aim to establish a strong network of 20 branches by 2028, starting with four this year in key locations like Damansara Jaya, SS17, TTDI, and Sungai Buloh,” he added.

Besides establishing new clinics, DrPrevents will also be using the funds to develop a comprehensive early cancer detection plan, using advanced screening technologies and medical expertise to identify potential risks at an early stage.

Furthermore, the company is looking to introduce general wellness and preventive health training into its portfolio. This will include a specialized weight loss program tailored for individuals of different ages, integrating personalized coaching with clinically-tested fitness strategies.

Through the campaign, investors can acquire redeemable non-convertible preference shares at MYR 20 ($4.34) per share, with a minimum investment amount of MYR 2,500 ($543).

Investors can look forward to a guaranteed 6 percent return in annual dividends, along with a hefty 20 percent bonus upon completion of the fifth year.

For contributions of MYR 10,000 ($2171) or more, DrPrevents is also providing exclusive bonus perks in the form of an industry-line wellness package, free consultations and treatments, as well as total access to its full range of preventive healthcare services.

DrPrevents said the firm places a strong emphasis on personalized care and trained specialists bringing medical advancements and solutions to more communities.

The DrPrevents network of clinics is currently helmed by 13 doctors across four strategic locations in Klang valley.

“DrPrevents is guided by the firm belief that prevention is always better than a cure,

“If we can nip health problems in the bud in the early stages, this can help alleviate any potential strain on our primary healthcare facilities and promote a healthier future for all,” said Dr. Arravindh Vivekananthan, Chief Operating Officer of DrPrevents.

According to him, the firm’s main goal has always been to empower individuals to take proactive steps towards their own health and well-being.

“We look to deliver on this commitment to more people through our upcoming expansion plans,” he added.

DrPrevents was established in Klang Valley in 2020 by a team of doctors who previously served in government hospitals, where overcrowding and long wait times were persistent issues.

With 24-hour operating medical clinics and a dedicated team of doctors and clinic assistants, DrPrevents offers comprehensive healthcare solutions backed by the latest technologies.

Guided by the belief that prevention is better than cure, the firm specializes in personalized and innovative medical services to empower individuals in their proactive pursuit of wellness.

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