Scaler, an India-based tech education startups, has on Wednesday announced the acquisition of a Delhi-based education platform, Pepcoding, for an undisclosed amount to strengthen Scaler’s business ecosystem.

The acquisition will further accelerate growth and support across various business units, including strategy, product design, business to business (B2B) enterprise, operations and instructor org, Scaler said in a statement.

This is the fourth acquisition for Scaler; AppliedRoots, Coding Minutes, and Coding Elements were the other edtech brands acquired over the last two years.

With the acquisition of Pepcoding, Scaler aims to bring synergies between the two companies to strengthen its offering in the tech education space.

As a strategic move, Pepcoding has merged with Scaler. Its Co-Founder, Sumeet Malik, has joined the startup as an instructor and content creator to help improve the learner experience, especially in the Low-Level Design (LLD) curriculum.

Other Pepcoding employees have joined Scaler as full-time employees working across diverse teams.

The Pepcoding team will also play a vital role in developing Scaler School of Technology, a newly launched 4-year residential undergraduate program in Bengaluru.

As Scaler opens its doors to the first batch of students this academic year, the team’s expertise will play an essential role in the building and execution of the program.

Scaler & InterviewBit Co-Founder Abhimanyu Saxena said that PepCoding team has demonstrated a unique ability to stay true to its core ability to transform the learning experiences of young engineering students.

“Their experience with undergraduate students will come in handy to our recently launched residential undergraduate program, the Scaler School of Technology,

“Pepcoding’s diverse talent pool and Sumeet’s extensive industry expertise will help accelerate the pace we are working towards achieving our vision and mission,” he said.

Founded in 2017, Pepcoding had a similar vision as Scaler to democratize tech education. Their goal was to bring in ‘The Great Indian Coding Renaissance’.

The education platform specializes in data structure and algorithms (DSA), web development, data science, CORE, CBSE, GATE and business analytics.

Pepcoding provided a platform for undergraduate students with both offline and online courses that enabled them to improve their coding skills, learn with like-minded people and secure employment opportunities across leading companies.

The team has worked with over 5000 learners since its launch in 2017, empowering them to make successful career transitions.

Pepcoding Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sumeet Malik said the firm is excited to be a part of one of the fastest-growing tech education companies in India and work towards the shared vision of nurturing future-ready technology talent.

“Like Scaler, we are excessively focused towards the success of our students and firmly believe that the nation has enough raw talent to one day build products and companies that will dominate the world, similar to what organisations like Google, Microsoft and Uber have done,

“All they need is the appropriate direction and access to opportunities. This strategic union with Scaler will help us take a step towards revolutionising how India learns and works with technology,” he said.

Sumeet Malik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has worked with Indus Valley Partners, Avalon Information Systems and Nagarro before laying the foundation of Pepcoding.

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