Hong Kong-based gaming company Animoca Brands has partnered Hooked Protocol (Hooked), an immersive edutainment network focusing on Web3 mass adoption, to innovate edutainment practices and trends, enrich Web3 industry ecosystem diversities, and boost mass adoption of Web3 infrastructure among billions of Web2 internet users.

Animoca Brands said in a statement on Wednesday that the partnership aims to foster mass adoption of Web3 through innovative edutainment content.

Animoca Brands and Hooked will target the billions of Internet users who have not yet interacted with Web3 technologies by offering easily accessible Web3 knowledge based on popular IP content.

This collaboration reinforces cooperative efforts to onboard users to Web3 by educating and informing the public about Web3 through innovations in edutainment experiences, such as gamified products and other diversified Web3 learning content.

It will also combine Animoca Brands’ extensive portfolio of intellectual properties (IPs), content, and platform ecosystem resources with Hooked’s industry-leading Web3 community, influence, consumer product expertise, and AI-powered solutions.

Hooked already showcases the significant possibilities of a gamified open learning network in Web3-enabled education through its products and community of over 3 million monthly users.

By combining the network of IPs of Animoca Brands and cutting-edge AIGC (AI-generated content) technology of Hooked, the two companies will work to provide innovative Web3 experiences and educational entertainment content.

“Partnering with Hooked Protocol represents an exciting opportunity to create new value and advance our ecosystem development, leveraging AI and Web3 infrastructure to enhance digital content and education experiences for our users,” said Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands.

Jason Y, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hooked, said that collaborating with Animoca Brands presents an exciting opportunity for Hooked to further strengthen its position as a leading Web3 gamified social learning platform and immersive edutainment network.

“We are thrilled to partner with a company that is renowned for creating and delivering exceptional IPs and contents, and look forward to leveraging their rich library to expand our offerings and enhance the experience for our users,” he added.

Hooked is an immersive edutainment network to onramp the next billions of people into Web3. Its mission is to drive Web3 massive adoption by providing immersive, gamified, and social learning experiences.

Hooked offers a seamless and intuitive onboarding path for both learners and builders through offerings of 3 focuses of their businesses: Infrastructure, Academy & Ecosystem.

As of now Hooked has launched 3 dApps and products: Wild Cash, a Quiz-to-Learn Web3 bootcamp product for elementary learners with over 3 million monthly active users; ToDaMoon, a livestreaming Learn-to-Earn product for preparatory learners with 1,000,000 total competition participation; Hooked Academy Sensei, a Learn with AI-Sensei & exploratory learning product powered by AI technology with over 100,000 registered learners.

Hooked is also developing itself towards substantial development of Web3 onboarding infrastructures to onramp builders, and meanwhile forging powerful partnerships and robust economic vitality within the ecosystem to boost massive adoption.

With its trio of academy, infrastructure, and ecosystem, Hooked aims to revolutionize Web3 education and bring new forces to onboard Web3.

Animoca Brands is a firm involved in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification that is working to advance digital property rights and contribute to the establishment of the open metaverse.

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